My Super Legit Pizza Dough Recipe

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Here is a super legit recipe to make great and reliable Pizza Dough at home. That specific version makes for 3 large pizzas at the end, with a 70% hydration. Print Recipe My Super Legit Pizza Dough Recipe Prep Time 1 hour Cook Time 5 minutes Servings large pizzas Ingredients 520 grams Flour Tipo 00365 grams Water or ml16 grams … Read More

Quesadillas with Venezuelan Twist feat DJ BBQ!

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With the winter stretching its self through spring the year, I joined with the amazing DJ BBQ to cook up an outdoor winter warmer, Venezuelan inspired quesadillas with a hot cheese, guacamole and chicken filling ( traditionally found in the reina pepiada arepa). It is like a mexican sandwich or pizza; so simple yet so tasty!

Feel my Jamie Oliver’s Big Feastival in 2s shots …

AlexVideosLeave a Comment I went to Alex James and Jamie Oliver’s Big Feastival, about food & music in UK, to present a recipe on stage. With this video, you can see through my eyes and ears (and mouth). Feel it ! Youtube Subscribe : Facebook : for mouth watering photos and good discussions 😉 Instagram : I am thinking … Read More

Shrimp Banh Mi Sandwich recipe

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What do you get when you put together the Frenchiest thing in the world, the baguette, with Vietnamese flavors? The most scrumptious sandwich ever, the Banh mi! Obviously here you will get my twist on it: instead of using shrimps in their classic form I’m giving you my recipe for epic “shrimpballs”. You get the best from both world: the crispiness … Read More

French Croque Monsieur Sandwich Reinvented Recipe

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One of the most iconic snack of the French cuisine must be the Croque Monsieur: this sandwich is crispy on the outside and divinely melty in the inside and can be prepared in well under 10 minutes, which is quite unusual for a French dish. It’s something you can put together when you’re in hurry or when you’re in need … Read More

The French Rainbow Ratatouille Jar Recipe

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It’s the end of summer, the best season for eating fresh fruits and vegetables: wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could eat gorgeously ripe tomatoes, peppers, courgettes and eggplants all year long? Yes, you can find them in your supermarkets 365/365 but they’re not seasonal ergo not properly good for you nor the environment (or your pockets for that matter). So … Read More

Preserving : 11 Tips you MUST know

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Who’s scared of preserving? You think that lots of thing might go wrong and you’ll end up getting a nasty food poisoning. If you’re intrigued by the magical art of preserving flavours for an entire year then follow my 11, easy, tips. Trust me: everything is gonna be fine. #1 Perfect preserving materials : always start with intact, unspoiled surfaces. It’s ok … Read More