Australian lamingtons, original and twisted recipe

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Being always up for a good challenge I accepted the one thrown at me by Anna from Cooking with Karma. The Aussie lady wanted me to prepare the famous Australian treat known as Lamingtons whereas I challenged her to prepare French Profiteroles. Lamingtons are very simple to prepare: delicious squares of sponge-cake are covered in a chocolate frosting and then coated in dessicated coconut. As … Read More

French Steak Tartare Recipe

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Today I feel like showing you my take on another beloved classic: the French Steak Tartare. This dish doesn’t require cooking, just a bit of fine chopping. The only compulsory step is for you to shop for the freshest ingredients since all you are going to eat is raw: that’s why I urge you to buy higher welfare meat (fresh and not … Read More

Japanese Okonomiyaki Recipe

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Today’s food request was submitted by Noriko, from Japan: she asked my take on the mighty Okonomiyaki which literally translates into “whatever you like, grilled”. This Japanese savoury pancake may contain a variety of ingredients from fish, to meat to veggies so much so that it is also known as the Japanese Pizza. Being so versatile I couldn’t resist: starting from a very … Read More

Venezuelan Arepa 2 Ways ! ( Corn Muffins Sandwiches )

AlexVideosLeave a Comment Delicious and Easy to make Corn Muffins stuffed with amazing ingredients, coming straight from Venezuela : AREPA ! One classic recipe, one twisted recipe. Beware because Arepas also called corn cakes are deeply addictive 🙂 My Instagram : Youtube subscribe : Facebook friends here : for mouth watering photos and good discussions 😉 Let’s discover new … Read More

3 Cooking Knives you can’t live without !

AlexVideos1 Comment How to choose the right knives for your kitchen ? Here are the essential cooking knives you should have in your kitchen. My Instagram : Youtube subscribe : Facebook friends here : for mouth watering photos and good discussions 😉 I want all of you to be better cooks. All of you 🙂 Alex The Frenchie