Lastminute Thanksgiving Gravy Recipe

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I don’t know who had the brilliant idea of placing Thanksgiving in the middle of the week: who has the time to go shopping for loads of fresh ingredients mid-week? Luckily I don’t have this problem (in France we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving) but you might so… good luck with the Big Preparation, you have less than 24 hours to do … Read More

Smoky glazed ham recipe

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When you have to feed a large group of hungry people, meat always serves you well so it’s important to choose a very good quality meat, preferably coming from higher welfare farming. That’s why it’s primordial to befriend and trust your butcher: he/she’s the only one able to suggest you the right cut for your purposes. For my dinner I … Read More

French Pot au Feu Recipe (French Beef Stew)

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If sharing is caring there is absolutely nothing better to share than a family meal, especially if it’s cheap, easy to make and deliciously filling. A French Pot au Feu fits the bill with flying colours: this simple beef stew will give you a savoury broth, plenty of super-tender meat and healthy veggies. The beauty of this recipe is that requires minimum effort and feeds many … Read More

12 cooking herbs every cook should know about

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Herbs are that wonderful thing that can transform a dish from dull to extraordinary with just a few leaves. Think of a boring tomato sauce, then mentally add a bunch of basil leaves and you have the most delicious pasta sauce you could ask for. Substitute the basil with oregano and you’re halfway to an unforgettable pizza. How boring can … Read More

Three Cheeses Quiche Recipe

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Cheese is one of the most versatile ingredients in the kitchen: you can use many varieties solo or mixed together to create wonderful dishes. I was invited to Caws Cenarth Creamery – in West Wales – to check out their amazing assortment of dairy products and I was impressed by the varieties. I decided to combine a staple of the … Read More

Cheat’s on Béchamel Sauce

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Do you want to impress your friends with a posh-looking sauce but can’t be bothered with the fuss to make it? Try my cheat version of the Béchamel sauce, a French cuisine staple: you’ll only need a microwave and a couple of heat proof mugs and you will fool them all. This white sauce is the perfect complement to my … Read More

How to pick a real French Croissant

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Photo by Petr Kratochvil If you are inclined to romanticism you could acknowledge the aroma of caramelized butter as the distinctive fragrance of Paris. Butter really is one of the key ingredients of the French cuisine, and nothing is more quintessentially French than croissants pûr beurre. This delicious pastry is a breakfast staple and should be bought in a boulangerie, asked à emporter – to take … Read More

Feel my Jamie Oliver’s Big Feastival in 2s shots …

AlexVideosLeave a Comment I went to Alex James and Jamie Oliver’s Big Feastival, about food & music in UK, to present a recipe on stage. With this video, you can see through my eyes and ears (and mouth). Feel it ! Youtube Subscribe : Facebook : for mouth watering photos and good discussions 😉 Instagram : I am thinking … Read More