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Welcome to this new episode of “Life Saving Leftovers”, where we turn unwanted food into shining dishes. Let me introduce you the de-LI-cious, yet quite underestimated, French Quiche. The recipe this way…

In fact, Quiche originated in germany where the word “Kuchen” means cake.It’s usually an open-faced pastry crust with a filling of eggs, milk or cream, which , when baked, becomes a custard.

This versatile pie definitely has that WOAW effect at the end, but it’s so easy to make, it’s becoming embarrassing. To make things more simple, I ‘ve made a lot of shortcuts.

First, let’s make the dough. It takes only 5 minutes with no resting time or fancy ingredients. And thrust me, you’ll end up with the most savory crust you have ever tasted.

In a bowl

– 2 cups flour

– Half a cup soften butter
// don’t stare at it ! pop it 10 seconds in the microwave.

– Add 1 egg

– And Half teaspoon salt

Use your palms and gently rub the dough to combine all the ingredients. This should look like crumbs. Add a drizzle of milk, and very carefully, with the tip of your fingers, pile up the crumbs to form the dough. The less you mix it, the more crumbly it will be.

Wrap it and set it aside. Home Made fancy dough , done !



Custard is quite a fancy name for a cup of milk, another of cream and three eggs.

– cup milk

– cup cream

– 3 eggs

Just season it with salt and pepper, gratted nutmeg if you got some, and set it aside.



Bacon bits, Zucchini, Cherry tomatoes and ham, spinach and mushrooms. Because they are allready cooked, they should be quite dry, which is good to avoid a spongy and undercooked crust. Let them come to room temperature, while we build the base of our quiche.

Use two sheets of parchment paper to sandwich the dough, and Flatten it about half centimeter thick.

Place it in the pie dish and remove the upper parchment paper. Press it down, and remove the excess with scissors.



First Example : French Quiche Lorraine

Our First example will turn the bacon bits into a classic French quiche lorraine.

If the lardons are not already cooked, just fry them in a pan and remove the fat.


Second example is a greek inspired quiche :

A few zucchini, some feta cheese and a sprinkle of mint leaves.


Third example is italian inspired

Think of cherry tomatoes without the juices, a bit of mozzarella , cured ham if you got some, and a sprinkle of basil leaves.


Forth example is just fresh and healthy

Drop the spinach and mushrooms along with a good gratting of gruyere cheese


Pour the custard liquid in the pie.



Now all we have to do is pop it in a hot oven, on the lowest position available, at 180°C or 360°F. The cooking time is about 45 minutes with a good oven ( to 1 hour )

In the case of a bad oven, just bake the crust first for 20 minutes, then add the filling and bake it for 45 minutes more.


After baking :

Letting it cool down a little, will make it more firm and easier to handle.

The quiche smells buttery, the crust is crispy and crumbly, and the fillings are amazing.

– Sweetness and Flavor of the French quiche lorraine

– Freshness of the greek one, strength of the feta cheese, freshness of the mint

– Sophistication with the italian one : mozzarella and prosciutto

– And Finally , the Comforting taste of the greens quiche !

Remember that a Quiche can hold any type of meat or greens leftovers.

It’s truely delicious and, with a bit of salad on the side, it’s a fast complete meal.

Come on, there’s only 10 minutes working, and the rest is made by the oven…


Lots of love,

Bye bye !

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  1. Hi Alex,
    I made a quiche with smoked ham, onions, red pepers and cheese. My quiche tasted great. Unfortunately the crust was moist.
    What would be your suggestion for a flaky crust?
    Thanks. Gaets

  2. I really love how you talk about it knowing weird things are a factor, like bad ovens and how things need to be room temp. You consider the whole experience!

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