2 Job Offers (video editor and camera operator)

(I know i suck at writing job offers, so if you have questions or if something is missing or misleading, please (kindly) mention it and i will correct it asap)

#1 : I am looking for a video editor to join the team !

You will work under the wing of our main editor. You will be trained by the team, including me.
You can be a junior, no problem, but you need to have some editing experience (software used : Adobe Premiere), besides a genuine drive to learn and to get better in general. You also need to have strong creative capacities, a good sense of rhythm and most importantly to have an artistic sensibility.

At this stage you probably know my videos. Yes they are all fun and spontaneous, but it doesn't mean there's not a ton of work behind them. My video/storytelling/ editing standards are up there for a reason : Delivering high quality content to my audience.

You can be living in any country. You can be freelance or not. You can be self-taught or not. If you're good, we'll always find a way to make this work. 

Don't respond if you’re not fluent in English. I don’t care about your accent but “Very good” will not be sufficient. Please send a email with your résumé and why you fit the job to eva at next-originals dot com. Looking forward to meeting you !

#1 : I am looking for a camera operator to join the team !

I film most of my videos, but 

You have to be based in Paris, France.