Job Offer : Video Editor

I am actively looking for a second editor for my Youtube channel. 
This is a paid job offer, open to freelance editors who work on Adobe Premiere.
A good knowledge of FCPX, After Effect and/or PSD is a plus.

To apply you must have a solid experience in editing videos, mainly for Youtube but also Instagram / other social platforms, and preferably have a strong knowledge of storytelling, a good sense of rhythm and an extra pinch of creativity.

You should be ready to overcome a heavy workload and tight deadlines, while remaining calm and organised.

As mentioned above, you’ll be working with a team : 3 persons including another Editor, a Producer, and an Author/Director (me).
Your location is not an obstacle as you will be working with us remotely.
As a matter of fact, we already are working from three different locations, split between the UK and France.

Obviously you need to be a highly motivated and hard working person, as I am quite demanding with myself and others when it comes to quality standards.


- Video Editing
- Back and forth corrections using
- Sound mixing
- Light colour corrections
- Archiving and Exports

To make it easier for you : Don't respond to this offer if

- You’re not fluent in English. I am totally fine with any accent (that would be very weird coming from me right?) but “Very good English” will not be good enough here.
- You’re not a team player.
- You have a bad internet connection. Transferring video files on a daily basis requires a very fast and reliable internet connection.
- You want to be a chef or a Youtuber. Obviously, nothing wrong with this, but I am looking for someone who loves Editing in the first place.

Now, do respond to this offer if

- You strive for self-improvement
- You handle stress like you handle life : with a positive, constructive and accepting attitude
- You love international cultures.
- You love food. (you got to 🙂 )
- You have strong organisation skills
- You’re a Swiss clock

If you're still reading and interested at this point, then drop a short email with a resumé and any relevant links to references/reels of yours, to our producer : eva at french guy cooking dot com. Looking forward to it.

Have a great day,