OOPS ! You discovered my secret project !

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NOW GUESS WHAT ? Since I made that page (2years ago),
Alex French Guy Cooking COOKBOOK

Now you have to leave a comment below if you like it 😉


Hi lovely friends of the French Guy Cooking. The title says it all : I am working on my very first cookbook. I want it to be mouthwatering of course, yet simple and very clear. There will be detailed recipes but also food related stories of my life, So that you get a chance to know me better.

The recipes will be way more detailed than my videos. The idea here is not only inspiration but also allowing to re-make it with ease. Here is the mockup of what will be a typical recipe in the cookbook ( click on the picture below for a sneak preview )

Typical organisation of a recipe

Typical organisation of a recipe (click)

I don’t know yet, if it will be an ebook, an ipad book or a real life book. The only thing I know is that it will include a lot of detailed recipes, with stories and photos. And of course a great amount of love.

The main idea is to make French Cooking easier for you guys. Straightforward & Fun instead of Posh & Overcomplicated. I am aiming at 80% of the result for 20% of the effort. ( Lazy ? nah…. ) I just think it’s the best way to get people into it.

I am also planning to include your most inspiring beautiful, interesting and useful comments. That could be really nice to have a bit of you in this book. Now, you know everything !

If you are interested, if you want it or if you like the idea just drop a comment down below…
or if you think one recipe you love is missing !

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  1. Heya! Love the idea of a cookbook. Just wanted to comment that a hardcopy book would be much better because I always end up splashing/spilling things onto my recipes when cooking them, and I’d rather not do that on an electronic device!!
    Keep up the good work,

    1. Hey, Georgina, I do that too. So I saved a BIG zip-lock bag and I put the whole opened cookbook in it when I’m cooking from a cookbook. If from a small index card or just on paper, I slip the card or paper inside a sandwich size ziplock bag and then I don’t worry about splashing or moving it around the counter and getting it wet, etc.. Simple, but sure eliminates one little aggravationl.

    2. Yes please make your book!
      It reminds me of my first and still one of my favourite cookery books by Len Deighton, with it’s sensible graphic approach and making things easy. Real life cooking.
      E or printed, I will buy it for sure!

    3. Well, i came here to see, if you already made one, so yeah, a cookbook from you would be really nice 🙂

    4. I agree, a hardcover book is much easier to use while cooking. Spiral bound so it stays open is better yet.

    1. Hi Laura !
      Onion soup will be in it ! Coq au vin ? Why not, the thing is is is not as popular as boeuf bourguignon here…but i will look into it

  2. I’m just glad I clicked on the ‘don’t click here!”. I love your style and delivery in your videos and I trust that I would love your cookbook just as much. As for hardback or ebook. I use my ipad in the kitchen and love it. No major mishaps on it yet! Best of luck to you and I wish you great success!

  3. I love the idea and I’m all ” thubs up ” ! I wood like the book cuz your and exelnt cook and you give us great advise and you change my whole living! I’m 17 years old and I live alone! I get money from my mother but enought about me! If it wasant for you and your videos I wood still be a newbie at cooking ! I hope you fininsh your book in whatever format you like I’ll read it for sure!!

  4. Hi, I do love this idea. Everyone will like your book. I prefer the hard cover book. Like that, we can keep it forever and cherish it.
    Your videos are awesome and so interesting. I’m so impressed. Je suis japonaise. J’aime beaucoup vos videos.
    I hope your big success.

  5. I love the idea of you publishing a cookbook. As a publisher myself, I would recommend that you make sure your publisher et al make your book available online and include video segments as an “online feature” that only people who have bought your book (either e-book or physical) can access.

    On a personal note, I loved your Palak Paneer Pie video and 5 tips to avoid cutting yourself (or: How to cut yourself less frequently and less seriously…)

  6. I am often looking for more detail in a recipe, so I think that you have a great idea here. With physical, there is more of an…emotional value? But with digital there is the possibility for interactivity or increased portability.

    If your book has the creativity or humour that you show in your videos, it will stand out from the rest (at least to me). Bon courage!

  7. I love the idea of a cookbook, as long as you keep it the same style as your videos! 🙂 Trued your banana pancake recipe the other day and it was delish! Greetings from England!

  8. Offcourse I clicked!
    Looks promising to me, you are quite creative, I like that.
    I’m usually not much for cookbooks, I hardly ever make a recipee like it is pressented, always put my own twist on things but you even provide twists and that makes your book great for those days there is no idea to be found in my own head so I’d like to have it.. I think.. I wish you all the best with the making and publishing and all that..

    (from the Netherlands)

  9. You are in science, right? This is why I love your style (I’m in science too)! I’m looking forward to your book. Definitely a hard copy would be better, and please keep the same approach you have on your channel! 😉

  10. I’m sure the cookbook will be a success. I’m anxiously waiting for it. Love the humor in your videos!
    Greetings from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  11. Such an amaizing idea!!! Can’t imagine a better cook book than yours with all the humour and flair you already put into your videos! Got hooked from the first one.
    Let me tell you I tried your quiche and pepper corn steak recipes and I was really amazed I could actually cook a really good meal! Thank you so much for the confidence boost!

  12. so so glad i found your you tube site…
    i like the non classic approach to classic stuff …
    Alex .. i wish you all the very best of luck in what you do …
    count me in..

  13. Haha, clicked again, forgot about it (not about you making a cookbook, just that I know that from clicking when advised not to)
    I love the book in advance and hope I’ll be able to get a copy, all the best for the making!

  14. I just HAD to click… glad I did!
    I’m really loving the concept of the book, with all those details like interesting facts o recipe variations. I’m sure it will be as amazing, creative and unique as your youtube channel.
    Maybe start with a “basics” section? Like what you must have in your kitchen, or maybe what you feel you can’t do without? I don’t know. Throwing ideas… this is exciting!

    I like the hard cover book better, but maybe first a digital edition can be easier to get it out there. Also to have an idea as to how many copies you might need to print in your first edition. 100? 1000? A MILLION BOOKS!

    Wishing you the best of luck from Buenos Aires, Argentina!

  15. Hey, I’ve seen some of your Youtube videos and i like them totally. I also can say that a hardcover version would be nice. Because its not as easy to damage when you take the book on a travel.
    I would buy your book. So i wish you the very best and maximum success

  16. I think this is a great idea! I love watching your videos on YouTube and trying out the recipes. I think a hard copy of the book would be best. I tend to be a messy cook and most of my cookbooks and recipe cards have food stains on them because of it. I would most definitely buy your book though, no matter the format.

  17. Great idea Alexis! Would be good to have little facts dotted throughout the book too, science stuff and the origins of the food 🙂 Are you going to be creating the book in hard copy or will it be an e-book? I’d buy the hard copy for definite! Best wishes from Ireland!

    1. Hard copy I guess ! Because everyone seems to prefer the hard one. Of course there will be some amazing facts in it 😉

  18. i love your cooks!! they are so friendly to those who are like me (-read: student)
    looking forward to see more recipes from you

  19. Hey! I just love this idea! I have fun times watching your videos and I’m sure you’ll write this book with the same passion you make your videos.
    One of these copies will be mine! haha
    Greetings from Brazil!

  20. Fantastic Youtube Channel- I love it!

    I am impressing my Japanese fiancee here in Tokyo with your recipes…

    Any chance at all of some Japanese food inspired recipes?

    Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu!


        1. Your simplicity on always explaining with details with not rushing on cooking process and see you enjoyment of the final product is my inspiration to follow you ,I love to cook always for my family and friend .Since I start it watching your videos ,I have learn to slow down and put more enjoyable presentation on my process and if course learn and to pronounce Croissant.

  21. Well, here we are the mischievous yet curious people ended up by clicking ‘dont click it’ link on your YouTube video and I’m glad to be here and knowing that you are going to launch a cook book project! I love all your works, and there’s nothing happier for a 21-yo International Affairs’ student in hectic days than got a bunch of useful videos either funny tho to kick up her food supply not getting wasted because I do cook rarely, so that I’ve found easy ways to cook finally by myself. Keep one copy for me, I’d love to have shipping one of them 🙂
    Keep it up! Hugs from Indonesia xxxx

  22. I hope your cooking book would be like binder, because more easy to open and see while cooking. With explanation about cooking equipments and your amazing tips, history of the foods, plus lot of illustrations and pictures. Please let us know if you are going to publish your cooking book.

    1. Hi Agnieschka ! Don’t worry it will be with Everything in it ! Every little piece of me ( curious, fun, weird, chatty etc…) will be in it ! Love

  23. Dear Alex, the cookbook is a great idea, I love your videos and your recipes! Will you do some sweet treats, like mousse au chocolat?
    Please make your book available on Amazon so I can get hold of it down here in Germany 🙂 Salut!

    1. Hi Hanna ! Of course it will be available on Amazon. it’s the only way to reach the international family.

  24. Hi Alex,
    I just discovered your channel today, while looking for a recipe of tikka massala. And I cooked it! Turned out amazing! thanks a lot! Also I like your positive attitude 🙂 I’ll check your other videos for sure.
    Regarding the cook book, I think tikka massala should definitely be in it!
    Good luck! 🙂

  25. hi and oops, i clicked where says “don’t click” :D. cook book sounds nice :). without jamie’s food tube i would not have seen you and now i almost want to try every dish you make :D. looking forward the book :). ~Jade.

    1. Hi Jade ! That’s so nice of you 🙂 I am working hard on it and will let you know as soon as it go public ! Alex

  26. Ciao Alex 🙂
    I’m glad to click on that clever, but fun corner of your video to find out this great news. I hope the cookbook will be in English. I will be very happy if you consider a recipe from Pakistan. There are plenty of dishes to choose from (from simple to complex). On this web page (http://www.pukkapaki.com/) you can find some very nice authentic dishes. The most exciting part will be to see how you will put your signature twist on any of the recipes (I love that about you). All the best 🙂

    1. Hey Ayisha ! Thanks a lot for your nice comment 🙂
      i would love to do a Pakistani dish ! Which one are you suggesting ?

  27. Hey man.
    Awesome idea to write a cookbook.
    There’s some Brazilian influence on French cuisine?? I know the opposite has.

  28. Hey Alex,

    I’ve been following french guy cooking for a while. I’m a huge fan, though I normally watch the youtubes on my phone so missed this link till now.

    You can definitely count me in for buying a copy of your book. I’ve been recommending your cooking channel to my friends so will deffo do the same with the book.

    I really like that you’re going to have suggested substitutions with your recipes, you don’t see that in enough cookbooks.Having that shows that a recipe isn’t something that has to be followed letter-by-letter, its really a guide that you can work around. Hopefully that’ll help your readers get more creative in the kitchen themselves.

    Anyway, hope the book’s a success.

    Much love.x

    1. Hey Thom ! That is a great comment you left.
      I like to inspire people, no to dictate to them.
      I will let you know as soon as the book goes public 🙂
      support much appreciated ! Much love.. alex

  29. Salut Alex,

    First off, let me say that I love your videos! I once used to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, but university marked the end of it. Thankfully, you’ve made me regain interest in getting back in there and cooking creatively (à la joie de mes collocs) and I now pretty much make everything I eat, from the meals themselves to all the clever condiments (your mnemonic chilli sauce recipe is genius). I’m trying to follow your example and be creative, so I’ve started inventing some fun twists on classics, like garlic home-made mayonnaise, pickles and my own weird tomato chutney. All thanks to you!

    But I digress. Back to the cookbook! I think it’s a fantastic idea, and a nice way to take advantage of a format other than video. I particularly like that you are including allergy/intolerance alternatives, as well as some “ersatz” for the ingredients that are harder to find, and some technical tips.

    I was thinking, maybe you could have a “préface” of some sort where you can put your thoughts on the different types of taste, and, more importantly, some examples of ingredients that blend well together? Une espèce de palette/guide pour les accords de couleurs, mais appliqué aux saveurs et aux ingrédients? Ca pourrait peut-etre donner aux lecteurs la confiance/point d’appui necessaire pour qu’ils se lancent et inventent leur propres recettes et leur propres “twists”. Un peu comme les petites roues du vélo, quoi!

    Dis-moi ce que tu en penses! Et en tout cas, merci pour les vidéos.


    PS: Sorry to the other readers for the French spill at the end, my point seemed easier to make in our common language :/

    1. I really like your idea of the Préface. It seems important to me to speak about things I care about. (génial les petites roues du vélo)
      Ciao and thanks for your lovely comment friend !

  30. Hey Alex,
    I quit like your turn on posh cooking recipes ( one with a beer cooler particularly ).
    Could you try some of Croatian cousin? It’s a mixture of mid european, eastern and Mediterranean cousin. Also we have lot of indigenous species of stock and game.
    Best of luck with your book!

      1. Octopus under the lid is my favorite national dish. Another great national dish is roasted duck stuffed with buckwheat, chopped liver and bacon.

  31. Hey Alex,

    I’m addicted to you and your videos – you must do more than one a week, please! Good luck with your book project, I’m sure it will be a big success! I am half Scottish/half Turkish and I absolutely love pide and lamacun – I wonder if you could do a twisted version sometime! All the best, Selcuk

    1. Selcuk ! Yeah I absolutely love lamacun and pide and I hate so many of them in the past. I am so willing to make a twist on this ones 🙂
      Thanks friend ! Alex

  32. Hey Alex, great idea with the cookbook! I’d love a hardcopy as well (and might even be able to purchase one on amazon.de) but for all the people out there without access to a retailer, keep that ebook in mind and sell it directly to them (via your web page), without the restrictions of a huge reseller (who will only sell it to certain regions etc…).

    I recently backed a nice movie and did not get to see it with in the preview screening, as only the States and the UK were allowed to 🙁

    So do it like Louis CK and sell it (the electronic version) directly to all the world 😉

    Oh, and include the ghetto sous vide – a friend of mine tried it and it really works great!

    1. I love your idea. It seems so right !
      I might do it as you said, cause it inspired me.
      Glad the ghetto sous vide worked as well 🙂


  33. Your videos have been very inspiring! For a long time I have dreaded cooking, it felt like an overwhelming chore. You have given me somewhere to start and have fun making delicious food! It helps a lot that you give tips for keeping it simple. I am getting brave and trying new things and am definitely eating more regularly than I used to. I would love a copy of your cook book, preferably ebook or ipad book but willing to do hard copy if need be because I am just that excited for your book.

    Also thank you so much for making and sharing your videos and letting your wonderful personality shine through, it is greatly appreciated. 🙂

    1. Hey Jessica ! So nice to read your comment ! It’s so inspiring to see that I share those values with you. I ll let you know when the ebook goes public for sure.
      Much love , Alex

  34. I would like to see a simple recipe for a loaf of bread. A loaf that can have multiple uses from breakfast through dinner and beyond. Maybe you have one already? Maybe it is too simple ? I am not sure but just thought I would throw it out there. I have really enjoyed your videos and hope to continue into the future. I almost forgot, maybe some more fish or seafood dishes too?

  35. Hey Alex,
    Thank you so much for the GREAT videos you share with us. You always make me smile when watching them. They are really interesting and thanks too you super easy :))
    Wish you all the best with your first book and I’m quite sure it won’t be the last.:))

  36. Hey Alex,
    Thank you so much for the GREAT videos you share with us. You always make me smile when watching them. They are really interesting and thanks too you super easy :))
    Wish you all the best with your first book and I’m quite sure it won’t be the last :))

  37. I can’t wait for your cookbook, Alex! I would love for you to try a gluten-free baguette. I know it’s sort of sacrilegious to ask a Frenchman to consider that, but if anyone can do it, I think you can! Keep on rocking…we love you!

  38. all the best mate….
    i do have my order for u to cook..:P…..main thing i want in ur book is gyro .. a home made one if possible… and some deshi food like birayani …. there is one variety u must try ..kachhi birayini.. found in bangladesh….
    by the way i am from sub continent… u might not seen real tasty food unless u stay with a deshi cook nd live a deshi life for few months…. just food for thought… we dont let anything come in between our food … hence we eat with our hand..:D.. salut

  39. I think the idea is awesome!!! I also think it should be a real tangible cook book. Being able to touch and look through the final product would be super cool!! The recipes listed sound very international. It’s like taking a trip around the world with food recipes!!! Best of luck!!! I’m excited about this book!!!! 🙂

  40. Me gusta ser tu primer comentario en Spanish. Me encantan tus vídeos,inspiradores. Soy vegetariana y siempre encuentro un twist en tus recetas. El mundo vegetariano es mas que lechuga, tu le das una nueva dimensión. Espero el libro!!! Cuenta conmigo, Besitos

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  42. I like the Idea of a Cookbook in that nonchalant Style of yours. So please create it. And i like Books i can really touch, so make it please a real Book.

  43. Hey, Alex! How are you?
    What about a crowdfunding project for your hard cover book?
    You’re awesome!

    Greetings from Brazil!

      1. I’m totally sure it will work! what if you do a post on your blog with this idea, and know what is the interest of your subscribers?

        If you do that, i will totally support you!

        I’m waiting for it!

  44. Hey Alexis.
    This sounds pretty good 🙂
    I must admit you are my favorite chef. You are passionate like Gennaro Contaldo, you cook good like Jamie Oliver and you are also a really good entertainer!
    Summed up: People love watching your videos, buddy!
    The weather in Germany isn’t really good right now.. sooo I hope some of those recipes are going to light up my day and make life a little spicier 😀
    Bless you!

    1. Hey Vlorat !

      Your comment is a blessing ! There will be some good comforting recipes for sure in this book. See you 🙂

  45. i would love the idea of a cookbook.

    My hearing isnt exactly the best, so having written info would be really useful.

  46. The cookbook is an incredible idea!

    Hope you will keep the same “humor” approach on your cookbook as well.. 😀

    I would definitely love to see you re-creating more French cuisines cos you make things look so simple… Like Ratatouille, Soupe à L’oignon, Sole Meunière, Flammekueche, etc…

  47. Of course you should publish a hard copy cookbook, my dear boy. You and your channel are magnificent! I have made many of your recipes and they are always great. I wish it were already here, I would give them away as Christmas gifts. Keep up the good work, you brighten my day and those of so many others.

  48. I would love a cookbook from you! Love the twists, the cheats and all the geeky informations about the recipes. And you should not hold on to french recipes, your twists on dishes from other countries are the best! Why not include drinks as well? Or at least give a recomendation on what to drink with each meal.

    Congratulations on your YouTube channel, love the videos and keep up the good work!

    Best wishes from Brazil! 😉

  49. if you are looking for a food stylist, I am your man (girl I meant).
    email me if you need help on that subject.
    looking forward to see this project starting.

  50. J’aimerai ça!!!! Il faut aussi des nouveaux recettes, mais je pense que ce n’est pas un problème pour toi 😉
    Ça va être génial!!!!! 🙂
    (oh and please don’t judge me because of my terrible french :D, my mother tongue is german…)

  51. Love the idea of you doing a cookbook, I have cooked loads of your recipes & my daughters go mad for the croquet Monsieur (twisted version of course).
    A must buy if you publish a book.

  52. Hi, Alex! I would love to own a hardcover copy of your cookbook. I love your Youtube channel and have learned so much from watching. The thing I love most about you is that you take the fear and intimidation out of cooking, which has always been a problem for me. I’m always afraid I’m going to mess things up, but your approach has helped a lot!

  53. Salut Alex, un livre de recette serait une super idée..
    Et même un pti gars du sud de la France t’en courage dans cette aventure!!

  54. Bonjour Alex! I am so excited of the idea of your cookbook. It’s always a pleasure watching your videos, and it’ll be even greater to have detailed recipes that I can follow at my own (slow) pace. I love the smell of books, so I’d buy the hardcopy, but I’d also get the ebook so that I can bring it with me on the go! I have the habit of looking up recipes for dinner as I’m commuting home from work. Please include the awesome “twists” of recipes, I love them! My selfish request is to make more dairy-free twists since I can’t eat dairy… Bon succès pour ton livre, et j’ai trop hâte au lancement! ~Beaucoup d’amour et d’encouragement de Montréal!

  55. Hey,

    I love your Finnish Karelian pastry and Shrimp Banh Mi Youtube video. If you can make your cookbook project that consists of recipe for guys like me to learn how to cook meals and bake with detailed but simple steps, I would love to buy your cookbook. Keep up with your work and follow your plan.

    Good luck!

    1. I am glad you liked those. Detailed and simplified recipes, with twists and cheats here and there, this will be my book 🙂

  56. I really like your take on recipes. I hope it will be an ebook and not the ipad version, because I want to buy it but I don’t own any apple products!Good luck man!

  57. Wow, i am really looking forward to this, all the scrumptious, mouth-watering, delicious dishes that will be in your book. When this is published i will buy it straight away and enjoy these amazing dishes, i hope it’s a hardcover cooking book because it gives it a premium feel.

  58. Hi Alex. I will be super super hyper quadruple excited for your cookbook and I would really love to buy it someday (like definitely). Good luck!

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  60. Great idea! I will be first in line at my local bookshop when this comes out (as I’m sure it will): your passion for food never fails to brighten my day, and the different angles you find to approach a recipe from are truly inspiring. Thank you so much for all the work you put in. 🙂

    1. My pleasure ! I love making recipes and turning them into funny and helpful videos for you guys ! It’s a joy !

  61. Salut, Alex! Great idea mate, i’d definitely buy your cookbook. Discovered your youtube channel today, and im feeling inspired. Especially tempted to try the french onion soup

  62. Hi Alex! What a great idea — wishing you the best of luck 🙂 Are you looking for recipe testers, by any chance? There’s nothing I love more than cooking!

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  67. Salut!
    I know everyone has been saying it but hardcover would be best! I love your videos and I would definitely buy your book! Bye from Scotland!! 😀

    1. Scotland !!!!! I’d love to go there 🙂 Thanks Anna for your lovely message. You’ll be informed as soon as my cookbook comes out 🙂

  68. Looking forward to the cookbook and making the king cake with puff pastry. Last year I felt like I was taking care of a baby, this year, I’m buying the dough!

    1. Hi Lisa ! I am the most happy man on earth when you guys are making the recipes from my videos 🙂 Go rock the kitchen

  69. You are such an amazing inspiration for cooking! I enjoy watching you for your recipes and ideas and also for your humor and ability to make me laugh! Keep up the great work Alex!
    I would absolutely love to see a hard cover recipe book with all of your amazing and cool recipes and tricks!

    1. Hi Solange ! Your message is so nice, it’s pumping me up with good vibes 🙂 I’ll let you know as soon as something’s out !

  70. I would love the cookbook. Like others I would prefer (and would buy) a hardcopy of the book. But if it can’t be sent to the US easily then an ebook is good too. — Or maybe I will just have to travel to Europe to get it as a real book. I’m sure my husband would think that is a valid excuse to go 🙂 .

    1. Hello Jennifer ! Ahaha you are welcome in France any time, but considering my strongly-international-family, my cookbook will be available everywhere !

  71. Salut Alex! Best of luck with your wonderful cookbook project! You are lovely, fun and a true inspiration >:)<
    Cannot wait to see the book and make the dishes!

  72. You’re writing a recipe book? Congratulations!! I have always wanted to do that 😀 I will definitely be buying it when it comes out. Love your work!

    1. Hi Kenz ! Oh yes I am working hard to make a beautiful and bit-different cookbook. Hope you will like it guys and thanks a million for the support

  73. Salut! great videos on youtube and great idea for your own project 🙂 we will support it as we can but just wanted to comment that if it’s going to be only a paper book edition, I will definitely miss your … French-guy-cooking accent 🙂 so, if there is going to be a digital version, make sure you attach few jokes as mp3 or something…

  74. I like the idea of a hard copy cookbook . I would definitely purchase it as you are funny and inspirational cooking wise. Plus I hear you are an engineer and that’s always a bonus.


    1. Hi Callum ! Yes I was trained as an Engineer and I believe it gave me a certain sense of organization 🙂 I’ll let you know as soon as I got news

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  76. I discovered you on Youtube randomly and I love your videos and ideas and cooking tips. If you had a cookbook that would be even better… and please have it in real life book form so it can live my kitchen….

  77. Love the idea of a cookbook! Would save me scribbling down notes as I am looking at the videos! 🙂
    Will be visiting Paris in May/June for a couple of weeks. Taking a few classes this time around.
    Looking forward to it and also hearing more about your “secret project.”

    1. Hey Cindy ! Love your message, and I tend to go for the hard copy myself as well, cause I love scribbling on it like you 🙂

  78. OMG ALEX!!! I kid you not I was just thinking after watching you Bart that you both need to make a cookbook! Please include your pancake recipe, it was the 1st recipe that inspired me to make something normally bought in box , at home! Also I hope this comes out as an actual book so I can hold it in my hands! Good Luck dude!

    1. Makes me so happy to see that I inspire people to cook 😀
      Brooke, I’ll let you know when the book gets out 🙂

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    1. Oh oh oh thanks Ayan ! working on it, but I want it to keep up with the standards so it takes time and efforts 🙂 I ‘ll you know as soon as it gets out

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  81. A proper hard copy book please, I wouldn’t like to take an ipad into the kitchen – I’m a little too flamboyant with my stirring for that. Also I can make my own notes on a hard copy 🙂

  82. Hey Alex,
    Just wanted to first say how awesome (and usually hilarious) your videos are. Been following you for a while now, and have been trying out your recipes along the way. I must say that the best part about your recipes is the “twist” portion (tomato tartare ftw) so I’d like to see that highlighted in your upcoming book. Maybe place the original recipe on one page and use the entire backside for the twist (along with some background as to how you arrived at this idea, and maybe what types of people it would be good for?).

    Best of luck to you

    1. Hi Neel ! I guess you are right, the twist brings a lot of personality to the dish. I’ll keep that in mind 🙂

  83. Salut Alex!

    Please make this happen, I’m super-excited for a cookbook from you! 😀 As a student and still kindoff novice in the kitchen, your twists and cheats are both economical and inspirational. You are by far my favourite Youtube-cook, and I look forward to the book!

    1. Hi Anton ! I love the the fact that you are a student but still you are willing to cook for yourself 🙂 I ‘ll let you know as soon as it gets out

  84. Salut Alex!
    I think you of all people should make a cookbook. Your sense of humour and ability to twist things for the better is just genius and I would love to see it in print. I mean I use your all your videos collectively as a cookbook so… Why Not?

  85. I would love to have this in my life. I like to watch recipes on youtube because you can rewind it as many times as needed, but sometimes you just want disconnect and cook and read, so a hardcover book would be wonderful. Love the channel and your cooking.

    Saludos desde México 😀

  86. We love your videos Alex!! You make delicious food and your funny personality got us hooked!! This cookbook will be gold (okay maybe it’s probably made of paper) but symbolically it’s gold! Haha keep up this channel – we love it!!

    – Sarah & Karina
    (The Vegsters on Youtube)

  87. Hey Alex!
    First of all I’d like to tell you how much I enjoy your videos. I can tell that you have a great knowledge about cooking, yet you succeed not to be stiff or too formal! I love the fact that your recipes are so doable and fun!
    Now about the cookbook, what can I say, I’m an old school girl and I would definately prefer a hard covered book!

    I always speak in a French accent while making your recipes so the results are perfect!

    I wish you to always be as creative and charming as you are now!

    Love from Greece,

  88. I think a cookbook would be really great.
    I enjoy watching your videos very much and the recipes look so simple and fun to make 🙂

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  90. Hey Alex
    I love your way of cocking! I have watched all your videos at Youtube, they are perfect. Can’t wait for you to release your cockbook. You made cocking fun, easy, unsophisticated & beautiful.
    Merci, salute and bye bye 🙂

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  92. I really love your idea for this cookbook! It is really the kind of book I need! I especially like the details about cooking time, difficulty, and not to mention variations! It’s really good to have options! I would definitely want to buy this book!

  93. Hi Alex! I really love your videos and recipes. And I love the idea of you making your own cookbook. I love French Food a lot. And your Boeuf Bourguignon recipe is what I often cook. I’m a very visual person. I can easily memorize the ingredients and procedure, when I’m seeing it literally with my own eyes. But I love the old school made of paper kind of book as well. But when it comes to cooking i prefer using my iPad or laptop and watch videos. Which I have already mentioned. But I’m really excited for your cookbook. Can’t wait to grab one! Maybe not only one. Already thinking of giving it to my family and friends as a present. Why not! Anyway, I wish all the best and thank you for all your videos.

  94. Hello from India!
    Abhishek here. Love the stuff on Youtube. And I believe that’s exactly how your book should be: Conversational, quippy, honest and funny.
    Don’t over-think it. You are simple and talented, let the book show that. 🙂
    Go for the ebook variants first and if they catch on, which I’m positive they will, go for the good stuff: Hard cover!!

    Wishes and Regards,

  95. Hey Alex,
    First of all I love your idea of a cook book.
    I personally love the french cuisine. Maybe you could do the classic versions and also a twisted version next to it. (as you always do :))

    When do you think to publish it??

    many thanks to your efforts!!

  96. Hey Alex!

    If you could pass that spirit you have in the videos to a cookbook, I would buy it, for sure! I’m from Brazil, and I can tell you have some flexibility , just like us! That makes me watch your videos and try your recipes. Go for a hardcover!

  97. Hey Alex
    you were the first person that I watched on foodtube your food is so amazing though you are a selftrained chef .
    At the beginning I thought “In which brilliant restaurant is he working”.
    The idea of making a cookbook is awesome this will really bring out your attitude to food
    PS: I’m 15 years old
    Je croi que tu auras beaucoup de succes

  98. i never bought a cook book. But I would definitely buy urs and help you out in every way I can. You are a nice guy Alex and a good chef, I love the freshness and the new type of cooking you bring to the table.

    Keep it up, and I wish u all the best.
    we are with we every step of the way.

  99. Hello Alex 🙂

    I stumbled upon your channel today and totally LOVE your videos! (I finished almost all of your videos today ;D) I am thrilled to know that you are thinking about publishing a cookbook! I will be happy and honored to buy it! A hard copy will be great, but a ebook version will also be good for casual reading! 😉 Your “twists” ideas seemed somehow too daunting for me at first, yet after some time, your ideas give me a brand new perspective toward those recipes that originally seems very hard to me. Anyway, all I want to say is that I absolutely appreciate your efforts! Please keep doing this amazing work! And I hope I can buy this amazing cookbook in the near future! 😀

    Greetings from Taiwan,

  100. Salut Alex,

    Just dropping by to say that, like everyone else in the comments, I think this cookbook is a /fantastic/ idea, since it’s definitely easier to follow than constantly watching and rewatching a video (which is doubly difficult while you’re cooking). Also, I think your best bet would be to go hardcover, but also make it available on a digital format to appeal to both tradition lovers and techies.
    Also, I just want to day that I simply adore how simple yet tasty your recipes are!! Cooking them has given me so much confidence in my own abilities, and has given me the added benefit of impressing my French teacher :D.
    I hope to see this cookbook come into fruition with love and patience.

    Love from America!
    — Shanon

    p.s. my personal favorite recipes to add to this book would be for macarons and choux a la creme, if you can manage ^^;

  101. Write it either way, hard back or ipad, love your vids and your sous vide steak is awsome. I some times I finish on my Komodo Kamado, but the blow torch is a kick for my quests.

    Keep the recipes coming!

  102. I’m definitely interested if this book comes out. Thanks, you have an awesome channel.
    Can you include some Moroccan inspired cuisine in the book? I noticed when i was in Paris there were so many delicious Moroccan dishes there.

    Oh yeah, and you’ve done some some recipes which incorporate boeuf bourguignon but you never actually taught us how to make the “boeuf bourguignon” itself.

    PS: I’ve impressed a lot of people by following your recipes, nobody could believe it.



  103. Hi Alexis! Big fan of your passionate, crazy, fun-filled and delicious videos! A cookbook sounds amazing!! 😀 😀 Keep up the amazing stuff you’re doing!


  104. Hi my lovely Alex!
    I’m totaly freakin’ happy about your book!!! I know that you are let’s say “geek” and you care about organisation (even just sometimes)… But I’m praying about your book… (cuz I’m sure I’ll by it! even it wouldn’t be in Poland…but i wish i would:)) I’m prayingthat it’ll be perfectly ORGANISATED! You know what I mean? It should be comfortable to use in kitchen… nice organisated chapters etc.

    I’m waiting for your Cook book..
    I love ya my favorite Frenchie :3

  105. Hi Alexis your idea of a cookbook is amazing and will be a major success I’m sure. Your so fun and have an amazing personality and your videos always make me laugh. You are without doubt the best chef on YouTube even better than Jamie Oliver.
    I wish you all the best on this new venture and good luck with the future:):)

  106. I love the idea of you making a cookbook, I’m french and live in Argentina and I use lots of your tricks to get the recipes made faster but with the original taste, you’re very creative! Love the croque monsieur sticks and the crazy sous-vide steak (I still have to try that last one though!!!!). Good luck!! xx

  107. Hi Alex! A cookbook sounds like a really good plan! I would love to buy a cookbook made from you!
    I hope you make it with the same humor that you have in the videos and that you use the same twists och simplicity.
    Dont think anymore about doing it, just do it!!
    I kind of miss having the recipes, after I watched your videos, to use when I´m cooking myselt. So a cookbook would be great!
    For me it doesnt matter what material you use, because I think that a cookbook with staines on it just makes it look real and beautiful!
    Keep up the good work, and please give us more videos!! 🙂

  108. Hi Alex.

    I’ve been watching your video’s on YouTube and you have some brilliant ideas on tasty food. But although your (posh) French accent is sometimes (not all the time) a bit hard to follow, I bet reading your genius in a cook book will be fantastic!

    I live in New Zealand, so here’s hoping your passion can deliver far south.

    By the way. Reading the first lot of comments back in Jan 2014, if I’m a whole 15+ months late and you have this cook book available already, could you please let me know.


  109. Hi Alex! I think you could make a really amazing cookbook! Part of what I like most about your cooking videos is that you make French cooking really understandable and approachable! For example, in your Hawaiian Glazed Ham burger video you describe the mint as “finely chopped” instead of calling it a chiffonade, which I think helps people who are new to French cooking understand it easier, especially when they don’t speak French! I look forward to your cookbook Alex, and I wish you all the best in life!
    – Jessica

  110. I have no doubt that your cookbook will be a success no matter what form it comes out in! Perhaps one suggestion I have is to add on Vegan/Vegetarian options to the recipes. I love all of your videos and I take inspiration from them by switching up a few things to make them suit my Vegan lifestyle. One thing a lot of strictly Vegan cookbooks lack is flavor and “pzazz” in their recipes, but you have it all! I put my trust in you with this project to do what you think is right – no matter the outcome people will be buying it in spades!

  111. I would love to have a cookbook like this! I just recently found your channel and, with a French boyfriend, I feel the pressure from his family to learn how to prepare more French dishes. Your recipes and videos are fabulous and easy to follow! I’d love to have a cookbook on hand. 🙂

  112. A physical book would be splendid, though you can’t put videos in it for complicated stuff :(. A QR Code to a YouTube video would be a solution.
    No matter what format, it needs good photos and loads of them.

    Good Luck.

  113. Hi Alex
    I’m thoroughly enjoying your pizza odyssey videos as I myself have been trying to replicate the perfect pizza at home for a couple of years now!
    Love your steel slab idea and I wanted to do it myself but I can’t find any site in the net that you can buy one from. Any recommendations?

    Can’t wait for a book, by the way! Really enjoyed your recipes!

    Au revoir!


  114. That’s a great idea! I would love to buy your book! However, just an idea, it would be cool if you kept a little of your Frenchy vibe through the writing… Like not being a perfect translation from French to English because pearaonally I think that that is almost part of your comedic style with your YouTube and social media and stuff.

    Really looking forward to it whatever it comes out like!

  115. Hi Alex,
    Many thanks for inspiring me to start cooking more often. In the past, I was always messing about cooking and baking in the kitchen, but life sort of got in the way and I sort of fell into bad for me convenience foods (BLEK!)…You inspire me to get back to the kitchen. I love your fun cooking style and video presentations, hints/tips, and of course, your humor!!! Stay safe, healthy, and encouraged!
    Love, Prayers, and Blessings,
    Julie ,USA

  116. Love the idea.
    I particularly like the idea of having the technical tips in the book (with great drawings)
    I enjoy the science and technique that you share in your videos.
    Keep Cooking

  117. Love the idea.
    I particularly like the idea of having the technical tips in the book (with great drawings)
    I enjoy the science and technique that you share in your videos.
    Keep Cooking

  118. I love your videos so I can’t wait for a cookbook! I really like the detail that your ‘draft’ picture has. Details like the amount of time it takes to make and number of servings etc are really important to me because without them I can’t plan my meals. I also love a little line about the origin of the recipe because it feels like we are all sharing an on-going food story together that always had a happy ending because we get to eat! Good luck with the project! 🙂

  119. Hi Alex

    I really like your videos,there are some brilliant ideas in there,
    I definitely will buy your cookbook once it comes out,
    Just don’t forget to put that quiche and French King Cake recipes in your book 😛
    Best wishes with your project!

  120. Hi Alex! I think a real life fe book would be awesome, throw your humour into it as well as your love. I love working with dough, can you have some dough recipes in it? Take care!

  121. Hi Alex! I think a real life fe book would be awesome, throw your humour into it as well as your love. I love working with dough, can you have some dough recipes in it? Take care!

  122. Frusen Gladje used to sell a flavor called Mocha Chip, which seems basic, but it tasted so delicious. I liked it because the coffee flavor wasn’t too strong and the frozen bits of chocolate were yummy. I haven’t tasted anything like it since. It doesn’t sound very exotic, but if done right, it can be. Maybe use an Ethiopian coffee flavor? Turkish?

  123. i’m sure your book look will be a best seller, you should do both, hard cover and ebook. but the real reason i decided to write my comment (i don’t usually do hahaha) is to thank you because you make me love cooking, i never use my kitchen before hahahaha THANK YOU SO MUCH 🙂 right from Nicaragua, you should google it you might find interesting dishes hahaha

  124. Hi, Alex,

    It is the first time I get to know a foodtuber that convinces me that I can make every single recipe they present. I think the simplicity and the ease of your instructions would be a incredible to put in a book. I would buy one for me, and my friends, and my family, hahaha By the way. I hope you get to know the Brazillian cousine and enjoy it.



  125. This cookbook looks amazing. Please don’t leave out anything from that structure, it’s what I have always dreamt of about cookbooks! As it might be hard to achieve a good layout with all those information going, some publishers might actually ask you to leave something out, but please don’t! Talk, discuss, look for another one, but please don’t give up on it. Giving anyone the chance to try your recipes, despite their ability in the kitchen, food restrictions or whatever, is a basic aspect of your channel and one of the reasons I like it so much. Keep up the good work!

  126. Hey Alexis! Just found out about you, like 10min ago, but you’re awesome, cooking book idea seems great, go for it! whoop whoop !

  127. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I started watching you on YouTube because of your videos on Jamie Oliver’s site. I have to say I am already hooked. I am having my two best girlfriends over for dinner on Saturday night, and I am making a FRENCH FEAST! So I am perusing your website looking for your French Onion Soup recipe, and found out about your cookbook.


  128. Love that idea, you sweet Frenchie! Been watching you since you joined FoodTube. Your recipes are just so practical and super tasty! I assume, it is better to have a real book in our hands, so that we can keep it for years.

  129. Hi Alex,
    I really really love your channel and I keep watching over and over your videos even I can’t make most of them. You are so funny and smart 😀 I love the idea that you make a cook book (real book, right?), a pic of you as a bookmark would be wonderful hehe…
    Much love :*

  130. Sounds like a great idea! I love your channel, and you’re not only great at cooking, but hilarious!! A cookbook would be really neat.

  131. Started watching your videos a couple of months ago, and I just feel like they have helped me a ton. Your videos are always interesting and fun to watch. It’s really great watching you, because you are just so innovative, talented and your instructions are easy to follow. I’m in my teens and I’m aspiring to become a chef, your videos have had great effect on me and I think a cookbook could inspire many more. I really hope you finish this cookbook someday!

  132. Greetings Alex

    First off, YOU ROCK! I’ve been watching your videos for over a year now – and they are amazing! Awesome recipes, humor, and creativity. You’ve got it all, and that’s what makes you my favorite and ”go-to” cooking channel. Your cookbook will be brilliant, and i can’t wait to get my hands on it.

    – Anders from Denmark 🙂

  133. Hola Alex!
    Don’t forget to publish an ebook version 😉 it’s the future
    (By the way I can make it for you

  134. Salut Alex! Tres bonne idée de faire un cookbook. J’ai adore tes crepes et comme j’adore la cuisine française mais je n’arrive pas toujours à reproduir les recettes, je suis ton projet avec grand intéret!

  135. Hey Alex,

    I think creating a cookbook would be a wonderful idea. Your creativity and unique artistic style would make a for a lovely finished product I’m sure! Also, coming from the diverse educational background you do, I think many people will be able to relate to you and will learn from your advice. Keep up the great work. Salut!

  136. Hi Alex,
    I really love your videos and how you make them funny without making them stupid and manage to teach us the good stuff in an easy way. Best of luck with your book (I think both hard cover and ebook also……maybe an app? would be best) and may your life be filled with happiness. 🙂
    Keep up the FUNtastic work
    God Bless!
    <3 from Dubai

  137. Alex –
    Love your youtube channel, and especially the videos made with Le Parfait products! Our suggestion for the cookbook would be TONS of beautiful imagery with your recipes showcased with Le Parfait jars, terrines, and jam pots!
    It would be THE PERFECT match for French Guy Cooking!
    Thanks, BN

  138. Oh, I love the thought of a French Guy Cooking cookbook! The fact that you have alternatives to some ingredients is great, I love your style of doing things and your videos always make me feel good (and slightly hungry). I love that fact that you embrace your culture, but also try to de-stress some of the harder recipes. I can not wait to see the book in whatever form it will come. Cheers, from Romania

  139. I’d be so happy if you have your own cookbook 🙂 I’m so glad that you are making videos for us.You inspire me so much.Watching your videos from Slovakia <3

  140. So glad to see genuine passion for life and food, you are truly a beautiful person who has a great sense of humor and understanding for what is most valuable in our short existance 🙂 Can’t wait for the book to come out, I’m sure I’ll enjoy it!

    Greetings from Monterrey, México.

  141. Your post about writting a cookbook made my day, Alex! I got hooked on your channel when I stumbled across your Pain Perdu recipe (which is now one of my family’s favourite go to Saturday morning treats).

    I would love to see your take on Apple Normandy Chicken or a Cornish Hen recipe.

    Best wishes and geetings from Nova Scotia, Canada!


  142. Your YouTube channel suggests a cookbook would be a great idea. A print edition would be preferred, since I gauge the utility of a cookbook by how well used they look after a few months (bends in the spine, stray food stains, etc.).

  143. Hello Alex,
    I think a cookbook would be really great.
    I would love to see you take on a Ginger-pumpkin soup recipe.
    Greetings from Greece

  144. Hi Alex,
    I love your channel and your way in coiking and your way ti make us see paris its great!
    To make cook book is a fantastic idea and interested to . I’d love it as a hard copy becous it’s more useful and helpful when try to make new recipe in kitchin . Your idea about stories , replace some ingrediant , solution of some problems and presentation is a exellant one and rarly who do some thing like that.
    I wish if you can laboled every recipe wirh the calories it contain .

  145. Une bonne idée, monsieur!

    Je cherche quelque chose à recréer mon temps à Paris—and your wonderful recipes would be the perfect solution! Have you thought about organization? I think divvying it up as meals (petit-eejeuner, déjeuner, Goûter, apéro, dîner) could be a fantastic way to share French culture with your readers. Also, I would prefer to purchase a hard-copy cookbook to add to my collection as well as for gifts to mes amis gourmands.

    Bonne chance, et je peux pas attendre!

  146. I love your channel and think the cookbook idea is awesome! You’re so creative. Keep that creative spin on the recipes to set the cookbook apart. I enjoy when you feature food from around the world and put a spin on it – like bahn mi. Your style is what keeps us all coming back & cooking up new things. This is so exciting!!!

  147. I have loved your videos since day one and would be so happy to have your cookbook (hardcopy) for the detailed recipe of your dishes and twists. Best of luck!

  148. Super ! Enfin un livre avec tes recettes ! j’adore ta chaine et le fait que tu partages la cuisine française de façon exceptionnelle. Continus comme ça !

  149. I love your video with the christmas salades.
    If your cookbook is ready, I sure want to have one.
    it is hard to get grip on all the ingredients used. I had to watch it a dozen times .
    Thank God you are such a nice actor 😉
    And thank you for the recipes

  150. Hiya Alex!
    To see a cookbook from you with all of your personality and creativity would be fantastic. I’ve always been interested in French Cuisine and I’m sure you’d do it great justice. (:

    1. Alex,

      BONJOUR mon favorite chef! Votre cuisine est magnifique! J’adore vote croissant Series! Vote devez venir en Louisiane et essayer notre
      Cuisine francais! I will buy your book soon!!!

  151. Hi alex ! Salut Alex !

    Very good idea ! Do it ! Will you release a french version :)?

    Good luck with your project 🙂

  152. Salut Alex! I love your style and recipes so I’m sure you’ll make a great cookbook. I recently became a vegan, and because you like to offer lots of twists in your recipes, I hope you can make vegetarian/vegan alternative twists for your meat-based recipes in the book. Cheers, Nick.

  153. I love the idea. Sharing tips and recipes is a way to transmit passion and knowledge….
    What about a typical french bistrot recipe 😉
    wish you all the best and lloking forward to ear about the secret cookbook project…

  154. Hi Alex,
    I live this idea and I love the fact that you mix up so many cultural cooking styles together. Please do a contemporary section where you go off the limits to mix the food cultures together to bring out something extremely unique.

    I live the hardcover part too.eagerly waiting for the release and wishing you lot more lively recipes that you help us fill our hearts and tongues with 😉

  155. Hi Alex, I looooooove watching your YouTube videos!!! You are fun to watch and the food always look delicious! I’m in Atlanta Georgia US and I love cooking and baking – sort of like my hobby and passion! I love the idea of the cook book and I would definitely get a copy of it when it becomes available! Yes definitely precise measurement than your video as I think most people that buy cookbooks are looking for “guidance”. Some step by step photos will also be very helpful! Doesn’t need to be for every dish but for those that are more complex I suppose!!
    Also definitely would like to see a lot of new spin to the traditional and timeless French dishes! Maybe you will have a chapter called international where you would incorporate all other non French dishes or fusion dishes in that chapter!!
    Anyways just some suggestions, but again definitely would love to see you publish your first cook book. It’s going to be amazing!

  156. I love the idea! I wonder if you can include concepts of each dish or something like what are expected in the dish so we can find alternative ingredients if the ones in the cookbook isn’t available in certain region.

  157. I would love an e-book, because I don’t think I would be able to get a hard copy all the way to South Africa. I really love all your recipes and as a vegetarian I really like the idea with the layout and alternative ingredients. You are a really great cook! Thank you.

  158. Dear Alex,
    Love your video! Your make everything simple and easy and fun.
    Good luck with your project! I also think a hard copy cookbook is preferred.

  159. id buy your book anyday! just send me one to colombia! :D!
    or i can just pick one up next time im in paris!

  160. Love your videos! I think a cookbook would be great, hope you are still working on it. A classic french dish I have always wanted to try is ortolan. But, owing to numerous factors it is not plausible. Do you think you could do a recipe with a twist for ortolan? Maybe with quail breast or chicken thighs?

  161. Yes! A French Guy Cooking hard copy cookbook would be an exquisite addition to my carefully curated selection of cookbooks! You’re my first go to when wanting to try new things. And, as it being my ongoing quest to full mastery, please do include the Pizza Odyssee! (Maybe even as appendix to the book 😀 ) Looking forward to it. Bonne chance!

  162. A hard cover book would be great. Please work on it. I like your tips for cooking, they are easy and simple. The twists you suggest or share in the video are also brilliant. Looking forward for your cookbook.

  163. This would be amazing!
    Other than the recipes, which I know would be fantastic, I think that it would be great for you to include an extended bio page. We want to know more about you! Your journey with youtube, behind the scenes, what got you interested in cooking etc
    Love from Thailand,

  164. Oh my goodness, I would love to see you come out with a cookbook. Your love and enthusiasm for cooking is infectious. I would love to cook more French food for my family. If possible could you covert measurements/temperatures for us Americans? Also, I don’t necessarily have access to a lot out here, so any substitutes for the uncommon items would be welcomed. Good luck!

  165. Salut Alex!

    I already want this masterpiece! 🙂 And please release it as a real life book! :3 It would look nice in my kitchen!
    Greetings from Hungary!

  166. I think you have the right idea for this book. The idea that cooking has to be difficult and complicated to be tasty is ludicrous. Some of my best recipes are the simplest, sometimes even born out of trying to replicate another recipe without all of correct the ingredients. I love the idea of having a real paper book too, there are some beautiful pieces of art out there masquerading as cookbooks. I’m sure yours will be one of them. Cheers !
    P.S. …. I have a killer easy French Toast/Pain Perdu recipe that I make on Christmas morning for my family, its dead simple and tastes amazing. It uses Finnish Puula ( coffee bread with Cardamom), off the shelf Egg Nog, Vanilla, Cinnamon and a little salt. Drop me an email if you want the details.

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  172. I love the idea of suggesting alternatives for ingredients! I never do exactly what the recipe says and it’s the biggest fun of cooking for me – improvising, but I know for fact that some people are afraid to do that, so by giving them an alternative you can make them more confident and inspire more experiments.
    I can’t wait to dig into your book! Have fun working on it!

  173. I really enjoy your videos — especially those based on traditional French recipes or techniques made quicker or simpler to do. The book idea is lovely, however, I find online recipes at a website more helpful than books. I do use books, but it is nice to go to a website, do a recipe search, and have the option of printing it or just reading it from a device. Thanks, and keep up the great work!
    PS You’ve also accomplished the impossible: I want to learn to speak and read French!

  174. A cookbook! YES! I already love your cooking videos, which I find very informative and rather innovative (and funny). Can’t wait to see how creative your book will be!
    Best of luck, Alex!

  175. Hey Alex! The cookbook is a great idea! You’ve been nothing but an inspiration for a hopeful beginner like me. Thank you so much! I’d prefer a hardcover as well, if funding is an issue, maybe a Kickstarter campaign would be something to consider? If you have something like that set up, I’d definitely support the cookbook!

  176. Salut Alex j’adore ton idée de faire ce livre, avez-vous penser a mettre des recettes d’autre pays comme ce d’Italy. Pardons si il y a des faute d’orthographe j’ai seulement 12 ans et je vivais en France pour 11 ans du cous je sais le français mais je suis anglaise. Je pense que t’on channel est trop cool et toi aussi. Katherine ( :

  177. Hi Alex, I really enjoy your channel. I also really think your cheap recipes are super! Look forward to the cookbook for sure. One of the last times I tried to cook, the fire alarm went off, and the fire department came. So, I am definitely a new cook! I like how many of your recipes are easy to follow, and I look forward to it!

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  179. Just discovered your channel through Brothers Green Eats. I love your creative presentation and how you explain things! I enjoyed your ‘interactive Q&A’ a lot 😉 Also I’m up for that cookbook! If you want someone to collaborate with… I’d be up for that, too 🙂

  180. Bon courage!!! I will send chorus of angels whispering the beautiful songs of cook book ideas!! Please include some vegan options for your sister..and for me..hehehe..AND arrange a cookbook tour!!!! Must stop by Canada, Quebec City and Montreal..and the French part, and the English part, Toronto!! And oh..don’t forget our cheesy French Canadian dish, “poutine”!! Love you much! Cheng-Feng Lin

  181. Your recipes are actually good… The salted butter caramel was a huge hit on my breakfast table !! Thank you so much. Your cookbook is eagerly awaited 🙂

  182. I am also looking forward to news that you are coming up with your own book. I have thougnt, “I want this creative guy to make a Creative cookbook as well as a Creative video. And I am hopefully waiting a Korean recipe to appear on your page. 🙂
    I prefer a hardcover book to any types of technological methods. But I don’t mind at all if your recipes concluding stories(awesome) and pictures in a creative arrangement can be read here in Korea. I can’t wait.

  183. Dear French Guy Cooking,
    I really love your Youtube channel and hope you will proceed making youtube videos for a long time. I am seventeen years old and really love learning how to cook, especially of your videos. When I saw a video of Brothers Green named “41 unique youtube channels we’ve enjoyed”, I looked up your channel. I watched a random video of your channel, and immediately loved your sense of humor and passion for cooking. So within a few days, I had seen almost every video you have made. I really hope your cookbook will be released soon, and I will directly buy it when it comes out.
    Sander Leurink from the Netherlands
    PS: When you have plans visiting The Netherlands soon, let me now!

  184. Hi! I just wanted to tell you that I haven’t watched n inspirational, creative, and fresh cook such as you on as long as I can remember. I smile through every video. I’d buy your cookbook in a heartbeat!

  185. salut Alex! This is an amazing idea, it would be like an expression of yourself. One day I would love to meet you as well you seem like such an honest and down to earth person.

  186. Hi, Alex! i love your videos and i think your channel is so lovely to be watched! i would love to get your book but it’s quite difficult to get international books in my place here especially if it’s a hardcopy. so would you make the e-book as well? 🙂 hey if you’re interested about south east asian cuisine, especially indonesian, i would love to share what i know about it 🙂

    1. Hi Alex, sorry about that — I guess I was so enthusiastic I accidentally pressed “post comment” too soon!
      I am thrilled you are thinking of doing a cookbook. We wait for your videos every Sunday and would definitely buy it! Good luck.

  187. I love cooking, I love cookbooks, I love (simple, not too heavy) French food! Your Channel is one of my absolute favourites!
    I was already wondering if you would ever make a cookbook! Please, do!

  188. Super idée! Je l’achèterai pour sûr. Je suis d’accord avec les commentaires qui suggèrent des recettes “quick and easy”. Garde ta créativité dans le cookbook. Aussi j’aime bien quand tu montres plusieurs manières de faire la même chose, comme dans ta vidéo sur le french toast. Hard copy pour sûr!
    All the best!

  189. Salute Alex
    I’d love to learn more about French cheese. I went to the market in Anssie once and they had a huge Variety of cheeses. Had no idea what to choose from. I’d love you to make a video about it, the Mondus Spiceus series. Merci.

  190. Hey Alex,

    I would love it if you made a cookbook! It would be awesome if it was a hardcover and available here in Canada.


  191. You should make an Argentinian paella but maybe with some other twist. That would be wonderfully delicious. Chao

  192. Hi, I just watched one of your youtube vids, the 6 meals for $10. Those meatballs are genius and I can’t wait to make those. Grated mushroom – who knew? Thaank you. Im off to find more of your vids. All success to your cooking endevours.

  193. I love your creativity and ideas and i love the fun you spread around
    So naturally I’m very curious to see the booky manifestation of all these.
    Cheers and way to go

  194. I would love to see you come out with a cook book. If it’s anything like your videos it will be a fresh look at a classic cuisine. Your enthusiasm and honest perspective makes me look forward to seeing anything you produce. Merci!

  195. Hello from Ukraine!

    Nice videos and some great culinary ideas! 🙂 Would love to see your cookbook come into life. The only suggestion: keep it classic, don’t follow the ‘low calories’ trend. Even scientists acknowledge nowadays that the fight against animal fat was a big mistake. Keep it balanced, don’t overeat and you’ll be fine with real butter and real lard. That’s what makes French cuisine so lovely (and not only French).

    Best regards and keep it rolling! 🙂


  196. If it’s anything like your videos, I’d buy this book for me, my brother, my parents, and pretty much anyone else I’ve ever lived with.

  197. Hi Alex,
    If you start a Kickstarter or Indigogo project page, I would back it.
    Perhaps, with that initial kickstarting (use the money you get from the kickstarter or indigogo campaign with your youtube sub as correlation), you can find a publisher, like random house or something, to really make the book take off.
    Jamie Oliver has collaborated with you a couple times. Why not ask him how he published his first book? I myself owned a couple of Jamie’s cook book. Hey you’ve only joined yt for three years now and you’ve got 100k. That is a huge accomplishment.
    I am looking forward to the updates of the cook book. Please keep us updated.

  198. I really love your recipes, I like the ebook idea, but I personally prefer an actual book.
    I hope it will be available internationally 🙂

  199. Ah!!!! I DEMAND a book! I only recently subscribed but I feel like my life is already lacking without a French Guy Cookin’ (Alex Gabriel) cookbook!

    Can it be a 2016 Christmas present? Pretty please?

  200. I was like should i click so i did and i found this page. Wow 🙂 keep up the great work. You make me want eat like a french man. If you can throw in some math table or some thing like that to help brake down the numbers. I like to read text books from school, (Knowledge is Power).

  201. Maybe a recipe for Irish Sodabread? Something I have always wanted to try, it would be awesome to see it! Can’t wait to get this as soon as it comes out!

  202. Love the idea Alex!! I’ve been watching your videos for a long time now and I’m really glad you’re finally comming up with a cookbook 🙂 maybe you could put in the estimated calorie count too?

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  204. Alex, I’ll be honest, if you put out a book with a with a nice picture of food on the cover and a 100 blank pages I’d buy it to support you because I think what you do is awesome. I you feel you must include some recipes I would support your decision. Mother sauces and their variations would be nice. Also can not make a pan sauce after cooking a steak to save my life so any help you might have would be great. But MOST OF ALL have GREAT photos! We all love you on Youtube for our cooking advice but if your are going to put out cookbook it has got to be sexy. Photos man, photos… Hell, I’ll fly over myself from Los Angeles to take the pictures to make sure they are perfect. Keep top the good work!

  205. Pingback: $1.36 French Tartine with Walnut Butter, Caramelized Chicory & Orange Supremes - Granada Gastronómica

  206. Yes. Also it would be great if you could include an Indian food recipe and please don’t include Mughlai curries / Naan and Samosas. Something local which locals eat daily.

  207. It does sound like a great idea. It also looks like an idea that has been considered and reconsidered for a while. That been said, I am very anxious to see the final product.

    On a personal note, my humble suggestion would be to have it as clear as possible. I mean a clear page with no distractions in a way that I can find what I look for really easy while cooking. Does that make sense? So, for example, no matter in what page I am, my eyes will easily find the info I am looking for — cooking time for that part of the recipe; or hints; twists. When I think about this I think about colour schemes, shapes that make sense; a pattern of positions over each page along the book…

    So, make it easy to read while cooking 😀

  208. Please, make a real book version of your cooking book. I’m one of the people that prefer real books. Sorry for bad english. Cook from Russia.

  209. Hated French cuisine all my life and after watching your videos can’t get enough of it. Cook book is a must at your level of popularity, c’mon))) just keep it as funny and charming as your videos ^_^ hugs and kisses from Berlin

  210. Hey French Guy cooking team !
    Its great that yall are making a cookbook(finally) and seem to have a great game plan for the organization of the book. I think it would also be interesting if the twist were sent in my viewers from different culitnary cultures. backgrounds. This would make it very interactive and approchable tot he target audience.


  211. Hey Alex, I just discovered your secret project- a pleasure that was! It’s fascinating to imagine a book complimenting your creative and interesting video content. I think that I would appreciate a section on kitchen ware and cooking tools, it is so essential and geek-wise interesting (kitchen hacks would perfectly fit into this category). Looking forward to it, all the luck:)


  212. Would love the tartine recipes and some quick cheap and easy noodle recipes?! Would love a hard copy book much love from NZ

  213. Bonjour Alex !
    I love the idea of a cookbook, being a huge italian food lover, I would love to see your take on the Pasta alla Carbonara ! I’m pretty sure you witnessed the problem with this recipe in France : cream, onion, bacon, egg yolk … Where’s the parmesan and eggs mixture ?! Where’s the guanciale (I’ll accept pancetta since it’s quite hard to find haha) ?!
    Anyway, with or without this recipe, the cookbook idea is great, I hope you’ll be able to do it.
    Mes excuses s’il y a quelques erreurs d’anglais dans le commentaire. Merci pour tes vidéos si originales (j’adore la “quick note”) et tes recettes !
    A bientôt !

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  215. I would ABSOLUTELY buy your cookbook, no matter the platform! Your sardine recipes are especially my favorite. Now when I eat sardines I don’t feel cheap, I feel fancy! Much love, friend!

  216. Yes yes yes! I love the organization of the recipe page. I always find that there is information that is lacking, but you filled in those missing places. I also love the addition of how you can twist a recipe towards the end of the page. You cut corners in making what are traditionally advanced recipes easier to handle, but you also are very through in how you do that. I can’t wait to see this book in hard copy or in digital form!

  217. salut!
    Si vous faites le livre, je l’achèterai !! J’ai regardé votre youtube depuis mon professeur de français m’a montré. Je suis très heureux que vous faites bien.

  218. Definitely make it available to follow without electricity. If you make it an e-book let us print it out. There is nothing worse than being halfway through cooking and look over and the ipad is off…then I have to log back in again..then I have to look over to see if anything is burning…then…what was I looking for?

    You get the idea.

    Also, it would be smart (now Im speaking as a professional marketer) to link the recipe with the YouTube video that it goes with. Whether the short url or whatever so that you can cross-promote your efforts and build both viewership as well as help sell your book. “This recipe is on page 56”

  219. I can’t wait to buy it and impress myself and my friends with your fantastic recipes!!!
    I would prefer a real paper book that I can have in my hands and leave in my kitchen without the need of turning on the computer or ipad or kindle. I also love getting inspired by beautiful pictures of the final result of the recipe and have also pictures of some steps of the recipes, especially the difficult or tricky ones to know how to do it the right way.
    Good luck! A big hug from Italy

  220. I’d buy the book, especially if it has some info on France and classic French recipes such as Onion soup, Coq au vin, boeuf bourguignon, assorted pastries, lemon tart. So maybe have separate entrée, main and deserts sections.

  221. I think this book is a real-life example that anyone can achieve not only great cooking, but anything you want if you deliver the needed passion. You’ve inspired lots of people around the world, including me, a guy who feels many similitaries regarding our approach to cooking: I also started this passion by trial and mistakes (I have no cooking background) when I moved to my girlfriend’s years ago (in fact, she’s my wife today, and she encouraged the passion I also found in discovering new recipes and other countries cuisines).

    Of course I’ll buy the book! I can already imagine the tips, twists, great pictures and even easter eggs throughout it!

    Saludos desde Argentina!!

  222. Yes, I need this book in my life!! Hard cover, but one that easily stays open on the page you want it too. I hope that if (or should I say when) you publish it, it will be available in Belgium as well!

    Continue comme ça, tu déchires!!

  223. Hey Alex!
    A cook book is a great idea! Perhaps something that can link the hard copy to all the online videos like those scanning codes?
    It’ll be cool if the book is cleverly constructed, for example the pages/sections could be pulled apart and reassembled.
    Anyways let us know when it’s out! Best of luck!

  224. Would love a cookbook from you! I’ve been following you on youtube forever! Loved the recent soufle (sorry, no accents on my keyboard) video! 😀

  225. So, working 50hrs in sheets often drains out the urge to cook something nice for me, like i drain lemons sometimes.
    But your channel und recipes giving me back much love and joy in cooking. Huge thank you for that.
    and i had to leave a comment, u sid it. Sorry for my horrible english.

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  227. Alex, your cookbook would the first one in our stack for sure. You are so brilliant in your recipes and in the way you break them down. My husband is the cook in our family and he likes to try and copy your recipes and then once I did your French onion soup. I don’t like onions and definitely not French onion soup. But yours was sooooo amazing. We are actually going to Paris in march and would love to meet you, or cook with you, or shoot one of your videos for you while we are there. It would be a dream come true for my husband. You are very inspirational and wish you all the successes you deserve in 2017 and many years to come!!

    Thank you

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  229. Hey Alex. I really like your channel and the idea of a cookbook in the same spirit as your channel. I wanted to add that i’d prefer a hard copy, even if the price would be a little higher, it’s much easier and decorative.
    Continues comme ça et bon courage pour la suite !

  230. Love the [Ingredients, Alternatives, Cook-wear] section. As a student my lack of cook-wear often makes a recipe unfeasible, so having this presented clearly would be super handy.
    Love your work Alex, thank-you!!

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  232. It would be wonderful to have a real life cookbook done by you! It’s your YouTube videos that make me start to love cooking!

  233. Hey! I think it’s a really cool idea! I’d definitely buy it knowing how creative you are and that almost all your recipes are budget friendly (which kicks as considering I’m a broke ads student). If I may suggest an idea, it would be cool of you made a part of the book about vinaigrettes or dressing. I don’t know a lot of people who make the same old stuff (olive oil, vinegar, mustard or honey, salt and pepper). I get stuck doing the same things and I don’t think I’m the only one. Thanks

  234. So excited for you to be discovered by a new audience. I say go ebook and print. If no one else has suggested: include a link/url in the hard copy to online content. Some new videos demo-ing recipes not on your channel, tips, techniques. This joins the two “worlds” and can drive viewers to your channel. Bonne chance!

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  236. Hey Alex, love your work and would be very happy about a cookbook! But only a hard cover book is the real deal 😉
    And of course you have to make great pictures of the food and its all in all a lot of work, but when you’re done with it, I’m sure it will be sold out worldwide after 1 day! Keep doing the good things!!!
    Thank you


  237. Hey, when do you think this book will be coming out? I definitely want a copy and it’ll be a great gift for friends of mine who both cook all the time and are just now learning how to cook thanks to you and your channel!

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  240. Yes please, a cookbook! 🙂 and if you could maybe mention the names of ingredients in French that would help slot because I live in France and it’s difficult to find the French equivalent sometimes

  241. Alex!! I would totally pitch in in a crowdfunding sort of project if you made one! A French guy cooking cookbook is a dream. Been watching you for years now and you just keep getting better. Next time I’m in Paris I will look out for you in the streets restaurants and markets! Haha

  242. Hey French Guy Alex , I would so absolutely buy this book . Your first ideas sound “mental” awesome.

    Please make it in print or hardcover, that has so much more charme plus maybe I am not the only one who likes to scribble into cookbooks, which will make it even more authentic and REAL for the owner. Plus it can be handed over to others, integrated into a household 🙂 and will have a “life” after shelflife and purchase.

    My “advices” (hahaha, who am I to give you suggestions…I work in marketing (for software) though) and maybe some suggestions might help ).

    1. Your channel is full of different ideas, don’t limit yourself to just a few of them for the book. It would be great, if your cookbook will become like a classic movie, which can be read over and over again to find new things.

    Sometimes I think chefs are planning books in advance. Like “save this recipie” for another book, and they have boring “filler” recipies, which are reasons for me not to buy it.

    Great art, I think, is not thinking about a sequel. First book being taken as seriously as it would be the last one.

    2. As ur videos are so playfull it will be just consequent when the book reflects this. Maybe with some doodles, paper playwork so people can interact with the book. (Hard to explain.) Maybe a wheel for spices which go along very well.

    Or a play “roll the dice what you would cook today” kinda thing.

    3. Lots of books from bloggers or youtubers are for beginners and start with getting your pantry.

    So getting your target group right will be the first and most important thing.

    I guess the average people buying your book will be youtubers already familiar with basic cooking techniques?! What will be necessary to explain and what not?!

    As a theme I can imagine you seperate the book into three chapters: some dishes from your own lab (tartin, mundus aromaticus self creations…), some classics you have eaten while traveling and which you re-cook (mapo tofu, this japanese dish too hard to spell …), some for planning out a dinner, celebrations or a menu from breakfast to dinner, your ideal combinations of cheese food wine etc.

    4. If possible a forward or recipie from Jamie or the food family to get attention and press coverage will be great.

    I am sure, it’ll be great!

    Cheers from a chinese female food obsessor living in Germany , Ming

  243. OH MAN I have been waiting for this since I started watching your videos! The moment I watched the first one I thought I hope this guy makes a cookbook and now it’s finally happening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your videos and your simple approach to cooking have inspired me so many times. I started with your cheese souffle and just made your simple cheese recipe this morning actually. I can’t wait to get my hands on your cookbook…Thanks for making cooking less scary.

  244. Alex, I am very excited and interested in your cookbook. Though the heart says hard copy, selfishly, Ipad ebook more practical for me, as am on the move these days. Love your humor, exciting ideas and inclusive culinary humanity. Still using your tartine recipes. Best wishes

  245. Seeing some of the comments dating as back as 2014, let’s do it already! You’re my favorite cook on YouTube and I want a book of yours in my kitchen when my internet connection is too slow to watch.
    And please make a section describing some spices and so on à la “Mystery foods of the universe” (I love that part in your last video haha)

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  247. Hey, love the idea! (Hardcover would be nice of course, easier for the book to survive in the kitchen)
    If you plan translating it into Spanish, I would love to help.
    Greetings from Chile

  248. Alex!! just discovered your channel and you are awesome!!. My two cents, dedicate a chapter to bread/baking.
    So THE question… When can we buy it?!


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  250. Just watched Part 1 of the chickpea project, thank you. I am looking for several recipes for savory breakfast cookies. I’m off gluten and the nightshades for the time being (tomatoes, potatoes, peppers and many other foods). I love your videos, educational AND entertaining! Please, keep them coming

  251. Hi Alex,
    I discovered your channel a few years back and I love your work! What fascinates me the most is the diversity of your cooking. I would love to see more about your creative processes in your cookbook and key techniques you have learned that improved your cooking.
    I get most excited when I read books like Michael Ruhlman’s Ratio or Jacque Pepin’s Real Techniques as they can allow you to cook without having the constraints of a recipe. So I’d love to see if you would give us some insight about how you do things in the kitchen and develop recipes!

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  254. A cookbook would be awesome! I love watching your videos and i would hope that the book is just as funny 🙂 i also prefer a hard cover book

  255. Pingback: A Non-Baker's Guide To Making Sourdough Bread - Granada Gastronómica

  256. Vegan/paleo substitutes for ingredients of as many of your recipes as possible would be incroyable!!! My favourite is the canned chickpea water used for that fancy dessert. 🙂

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  258. oh, well… I was looking for a way to kick-starter or ‘patreon’ your book…. O_0 I did not find it … so is it a thing yet or it is a project? Oh, well, as soon the coins start to drop for your book I’ll drop my contribution.

  259. Certainly interested in your cookbook!
    Be sure to also add a piece about your dry-aging machine and how we can create one of our own!
    Keep up the experimenting!

  260. I can’t believe I’m just discovering This! This is your best idea yet! All the recipes are amazing, and I’ve tried every one. Don’t stop, your work is amazing! Thanks for getting me in the kitchen!

  261. Yes!!! I have just recent been watching your videos. I would buy a cookbook almost instantly. I love your brioche recipe as well as the various tartines. You make cooking fun and I want to cook more because of your videos.

  262. I’ve just discovered your Youtube channel and thought ‘Shit! I need to buy this guy’s cookbook!” Only to find myself here on this page! Please make a cookbook- Me and so many other people would buy it!!

  263. I would like it to be spiral bound so it can open up flat instead of fighting a hard cover cook book!
    Looking forward to the book no matter what.
    ~seattle fan

  264. Please!! Make this book, it can have link to your digital videos too. I love your youtube page, all the tips are so ussefull, so creative and works so well that I cannot wait to support you in another platform. (any book you released I’ll take it) Good luck!

  265. I’d absolutely love to have this book as a hard cover in my shelve! Your recipes are so fun and inspiring. If there’ll be a hard cover book, I’d most likely buy a couple more just to give it to my friends as a birthday gift or something. Just because I’d love to share your awesomeness to people in real life.

  266. Hi Alex
    Nice to know you…. I am a student and i try to learn a french culinary , so i search in youtube and i see your channel . It’s good channel and i like it . By the way i am from Indonesia
    Thank You

  267. I’ve always wanted a cookbook that also comes with a chartflow (it’s what i save my recipes with). Vertical is time, horisontal is multitasking. This way i always know what to start first, all ingredient measures (the divided ones) are in a box. For example: when you would normally say (while this is cooking, prepare the bkah_blah_bkah), I’d just see a new cbartflow next to mainone, and vertically it would start lower.

  268. I realy enjoy your videos, and now that this project is coming im just exited about it.
    Im a lover of cuisine and seing a guy like you with such a passion inspires me.
    A great hug from my side.
    Pablo: your friend from México.

  269. It would be really cool if you could make the pages out of a plastic like material so if you do get stuff on it while you are cooking you cans just wipe it off. Just an idea I thought of that would be cool and helpful.

  270. It would be so cool if you made a cookbook! I love the video’s because I love how cute but technical ykurbkitchen is and also your accent is so fun to listen too.

  271. You are without a doubt my favorite YouTuber – every single one of your recipes is clearly and meticulously explained and the flavors are so carefully thought out and always perfectly balanced. You make it possible for someone with no formal culinary training to make dishes that look and taste like they’re straight out of a Michelin-starred kitchen. Combine that with the fact that you go out of your way to make all of your recipes as easy and accessible as possible and I think you have the recipe (ha…ha) for a phenomenal cookbook. Hardcopy, paperback, E-book, coloring book – whatever it is, you can be sure I’ll get a copy of it as soon as it’s available (I can’t wait to see what wonderful new things you come up with). If only there were a way to get it signed…

    Would love to see veg or vegan recipes.
    Maybe a chickpea section ? Felafel, desserts, etc.
    French Onion Soup Recipe
    If it is an e-book:
    How about offer 50 recipes out of 100 recipes.

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  275. Salut Alex!!! Très bonne chance dans ce nouveau projet. Tu mérites un très grand succès. Bonne chance et j’espère que tu feras des cours de cuisine à Paris!!

  276. Dear Alex,

    You are so inspiring (*^_^*) Really love your energy you share on your video’s. Whenever I feel lost or alone your way of communicating really brings a bright smile on my face. So grateful that you share your recipes and skills for free and know that it’s much appreciated. When you bring out your cookbook I would love to get a notice so I can enjoy your creative work. Keep doing what you are so passionate about and I know you will keep on inspiring people all around the world. May you be blessed with all that your heart desires and hopefully I am able to attend your future cooking classes someday. You seem so much fun and adventurous and I love to see how you smile with so much passion. Love your humor so much. (*^0^*) Bless you <3 Love, Golivia Lee

  277. Salut Alex!!
    I love your channel so much and cannot believe you’re coming out with a book! Here are my ideas/suggestions:
    1) there’s a podcast called “The Cookbook Deal” that describes the journey of making a cookbook from getting a literary agent to pitching to publishers to getting the cookbook made. Perhaps it’ll help you in your journey as well!
    2) I fell in love with the way French people appreciate and eat food, and how much they enjoy things in life like read, wine, and cheese, and good quality produce. It’s so different from North America. I know you have tons of North American viewers and readers and the market here is huge, but my biggest ask/suggestion is to stay true to yourself and not cater to North American tastes or preferences. There will definitely be moments during your journey that you have to make tough decisions, so I really hope this will help you.
    Thanks for all the beautiful work you do! You’re a true inspiration.

  278. Hey Alex, great project! I’m writing from Turkey and your work has been very helpful, what a time to be alive 😀 I have to say you’re doing some amazing stuff thank you so much. Besides I also think that a hard copy is a must, I would order it right away! Plus can you add details on techniques and info on ingredients on your book and do you have a date on your mind? Let us know 😀
    Au revoir!

  279. Hey Alex! C’est super project! Your work has been very helpful and I wish to have a copy of your cookbook in the future. I really love and admire french cuisine and finally I found your YouTube channel. So impressive! Aha and one more thing is I love your french english accent.. It make You look so French and so cute :p
    Merci for the beautiful ‘art’ You do. Such a true inspiration!! Glad to hear You soon.

  280. A cookbook from you would be awesome! I love the way you explain food and recipes. Your passion for the process shines through. Personally I am a fan of real paper books but I understand the convenience of using and producing ebooks.

  281. Yes, definitely. I think a cookbook would be amazing! One thing that I notice a lot of people don’t understand is how to pick out decent produce, meat, cheese, etc. I was in 4-H in school and we learned about judging potatoes, beef, etc., but not everyone has had that experience. Maybe a little section on this would be good? Or just a note in some of the recipes dealing with produce a person might not normally use? Something. Anyway, I love the idea. If you need a guinea pig for recipes, let me know. I’ll bravely volunteer.

  282. I think you should make two versions of every food; posh version and simplified version next to each others in the book. I will definitely buy it if you do this and I think most people agree too. Sometimes I need to cook quickly but sometimes I need the food to be absolutely perfect. Hope you get the book out soon, Alex.

  283. Stay nerdy my friend. I love all of your video on youtube. Science and food is the best kind of love affair. Can’t wait for your book to someday reach Indonesia

  284. I love your passion and the way you cook, make it so simple and beautiful! It would be a pleasure to have a cook book made by you!! Wish you success

  285. Hi Alex! I just discovered your channel today and subscribed! I would be delighted to purchase your cook book! I didn’t realize that you could do so many things with chickpeas! Looking forward to more videos from you as well!

  286. Bonjour Alex!

    I discovered your channel when you visited Jimmy DiResta and have been following you since! Thank you for all the amazing videos about food, cooking and ingenious kitchen hacks! You’re really an inspiration.

    I’d love it if you were to publish a cookbook! I would definitely buy a copy! An ebook would be OK but I think I’d prefer hardcopy, paper books I think hold up better in my kitchen than electronics. I really look forward to seeing your book project come together!


  287. So happy that I found your YouTube videos. Other than sourdough starter do you ferment anything else?
    Great idea doing the cookbook. Sight unseen I want one or two. Can I pre-order?

  288. Hallo Alex! I am so excited you will have a cookbook! I live in Germany and am an American
    I have been watching your videos, and giggling for some months, and sharing your Brioche! My man is gaga over it! Please never stop….you make my heart sing!
    Kindest regards,

  289. Really like the potential layout of the book.
    I would definitely buy your book, enjoyed watching your channel.
    Keep up the good work! 🙂

  290. I would love to see this book come out as a physical copy, that way I can display it while I cook and make it the first cookbook in the collection I will begin as I transition from college life to real life!

  291. I’m always looking for a new cookbook for ideas. I’m newer to cooking and love adding to my so far basic knowledge.

  292. Salut Alex! The idea of a french-guy-cookbook is amazing! Definitely it would be cooler on hardcopy (at least I know geeks like me would appreciate it more, ha)

    I’ve read some of the comments of people saying they use to spill food all over their cookbooks whenever they’re cooking but I think that’s actually the point right? ……specially YOUR cookbook, since you’re all about getting creative and dirty in the kitchen. I think that stains give some cool history to a cookbook, you can tell it’s been part of many many special meals. Perhaps your cookbook could come “pre-stained”, like with a very cool, careless and bold graphic vibe to it.

    Please tell me if I can help in any way. My spelling is pretty good so I could help you check the writing or whatever 🙂

  293. This is great! I just started watching your videos, actually, but I am AMAZED at a LOT of the stuff you do. Every cooking video is like a mystery box challenge meets Alton Brown. A cookbook is a definite YES for me (hard copy would be GREAT so I can write on it haha), especially if it has recipes that require 20% effort. Maybe you can add more recipes that use way less tools/ingredients, or are limited by budget (like what you did with the Trader Joe’s challenge) because it may come in handy for some people who are restricted for some reason. (Like they live in a dorm, or want good food for less money, etc.)

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  295. Salut! As I know you do quite a few videos on etnic food, you should do your take on the best recipes of a few countries! Keep up the great content!

  296. I would like an app for the iPhone that would allow me to read the “book” and link to your videos at the same time. Videos explain so much more than just photos when cooking.

  297. I love a cookbook I can hold in my hands. Make sure it has a good hand-feel and great photos! I really enjoy your recipes, I this is a wonderful project, good luck! Oh and remember to share the stories behind the recipes, I love those stories.

  298. I would absolutely love a copy of this (ideally physical ofc.) you’re a wonderful cook and such an inspiration, and even when I’m not in France following your guides helps to transport me there, where I am happiest.
    It would be an honor to have a permanent collection of your recipes.

  299. I would 100% buy this book if it was a real physical book. I love the way you dissect recipes to understand how they work, and how you can make things both more intricate and simple at the same time. I am always looking forward to what you do next!

  300. I really like your airy cooking guides and multi-episode adventures! If you can find a way to transfer your enthousiasm on paper, I would buy that (preferably hardcopy) book in an instant!

  301. So so happy. As an old guy living on limited means your videos inspire me to take risks and try to just cook. I cook so much more than I once did and my food budget goes so much farther! I’m really looking forward to your cookbook. Hard is good especially with the cool cookbook pages you can wipe off and a lay flat binding. Digital would be wonderful too, I could have it up on my screen which is only two or three steps away from where I cook in my room. Ideal would be a combination.

  302. My kids and I have just recently discovered your YouTube channel!! We were blown away by your chickpea series, and can’t wait to try some of the recipes. A cookbook would be amazing, and hopefully available in Canada 🙂 I love the story of the dish idea. I’ve always been drawn to cookbooks that have stories to tell, as opposed to just a compilation of recipes. Good luck, I can’t wait!

  303. I would love to see you come out with a book! Your channel is fun, inventive and captures everything I love about french culture/cooking. I’d prefer a hardcover because I know that I can have it in my library – I find that if I can’t see it, I won’t use it.

    Much love from Canada!

  304. I just found your youtube channel and I love it so far! I prefer hard copy books myself over my tablet, but that is just nostalgia I think. I also need to buy a kitchen scale to learn how to convert to the metric system, which I need to learn anyways for my dream job. Yay learning! Will there be a recipe for Croque Madame in this book, or is that an American thing we stole and adapted? Will your book be separated by breakfast, lunch, dinner; soups, sandwhiches, ect or by the main ingredient such as beef, fish, vegetables ect?

  305. That’s awesome idea and one request also to place a place for substitute for various things like for example in your I’ve cream video I liked that but still looking for egg substitute to go with that recipe so kindly put that also if possible thanks and nice work my friend

  306. Love the design ideas! New cookbooks are always welcome, especially ones from talented cooks such as yourself.

  307. Alex, I would love to get a copy of your book. I would just like to request that you include US measurements as well as the Euro measurements. You’re adorable and I look forward to your future videos. Much success!

  308. Your cooking style is so creative and innovative and I always look forward to creating my own versions of your recipes! I would a love to get a copy of your cookbook 🙂

  309. Really love the idea of a book. Your recipes often amaze me. (Your no-machine ice-cream was a success s at our last party!)

    One suggestion: I am currently in college and find it difficult to make good food, I always go for take-out or canned. So I thought, why not ask an amazing chef to resolve my issue. Please include a few recipes that are: cheap, quick and easy.

    I hope this makes it into the book (or a video).

  310. Your a truly unique chef with a creative style. A combination of technical know how and a fearless drive for venturing off script- I would gladly support a cook book effort!

  311. I would love to Pre-Order this! Your style is perfect for a university student(lisence) and in about a year I won’t have a meal plan so I’m looking forward to using these. Even if I can’t pre-order I’m gonna try and get it right off the shelf. Merci Beaucoup Alex!

  312. Hi Alex! Just had a look at you mockup. It looks well-designed and wonderful. I particularly loved the part where you put alternative options–very clever. I think you should also have an e-book version of it where you can put the link of the cooking video of particular recipe somewhere below the picture or anywhere. Best wishes from Bangladesh and looking forward to your project output.

  313. Hi Alex

    I’ve been following your youtube channel for a while now and only recently actually started making some of your recipes. I’m ashamed that I didn’t start sooner! You have a really fresh take on many things and definitely inspire me to get out of my comfort zone and try new things (or just new variations of classic dishes), it’s very refreshing to see and I love your enthusiasm about the things you make. I’ve always been interested in making things from scratch and you’ve shown me that isn’t very difficult to do, you just have to start somewhere. I look forward to seeing what you come up with in the future and I think that a cookbook is a brilliant idea! I’m a sucker for hard cover cookbooks but regardless I’m sure it will be a success!

    Regards from Cape Town, South Africa 🙂

  314. Hi Alex,
    I was wondering a long time ago, “Is Alex ever going to write a cookbook?” I am so glad to hear that this is happening. At least I hope it is! I’ll even throw in a next or 10 American dollars above the price if you’ll autograph mine! Please also include in the back the instructions on remaking the chefs knife, especially how you get the original handle off. I’d like to try doing that! Also please do a printed version in hardcopy. I’ll bet anything it will be a keeper! How is the progress on it going by the way? I am your 512 respondent & I have been crazy about learning new cooking techniques ever since I was six years old.

    Edward Shields
    Quincy, MA, USA

  315. Hi Alex,
    I was wondering a long time ago, “Is Alex ever going to write a cookbook?” I am so glad to hear that this is happening. At least I hope it is! I’ll even throw in an extra 10 or 15 American dollars above the price if you’ll autograph mine! ( a bold-face bribe!) Please also include in the back the instructions on remaking the chefs knife, especially how you get the original handle off. I’d like to try doing that! Also please do a printed version in hardcopy. I’ll bet anything it will be a keeper! How is the progress on it going by the way? I am your 512 respondent & I have been crazy about learning new cooking techniques ever since I was six years old.

    Edward Shields
    Quincy, MA, USA

  316. YES ALEX! make it come true. i will buy without a doubt. as a french man, i expect a tutorial of some sorts on break making.

  317. Hello Alex!! Yes to making a cookbook-that would be awesome! 🙂 You’re a pleasure to watch and have great ideas for cooking. You should make some French Guy Cooking t-shirts or socks for the first so many copies of cookbooks you sell 😉 😀 haha!
    Thank you !!

  318. Mec, tu es le plus créatif et amusant “chef” dans l’Internet !!! Je n’arrive pas à me déconnecter de tes vidéos. Et jattends anxieusement ton bouquin !!!

  319. Hi Alex,

    I love you’re videos, you’re such a breeze compared to most regular cooking channels on YT.
    Just wondering… what starsign are you? My guess is Leo (they’re very inventive) but I could be wrong.

    Kind regards,

    Dave (from the Netherlands)

  320. Just a thought if it hasn’t been said already, in the cookbook it would be great if you added your scibblings and notes on your experimental versions of a recipe on one side of the page while having the actual final recipe and pictures on the other side.

  321. Hello Alex,

    of course I clicked, curiosity killed the cat (but I am no cat 🙂
    I very much like your Youtube videos on cooking since they are very creative, good for lazy people (like, ahem, someone I know, ahem)
    and filled with humor and heart!
    A cookbook with your humor and easy-to-follow recipes in it would be much appreciated, please in the form of a hardcover book
    since that would be best in the kitchen and I like to put little postit-notes on the page with comments and my thoughts on the recipes
    that I tried.
    I am a big fan for example of the cookbook “Simplissime”by J.-F- Mallet (german version) which contains a lot of good recipes with at most 6 ingredients and a (sometimes almost a bit too) short description on how to prepare the dish.

    Keep up the good work!

  322. Stumbled upon your channel a few weeks back, plowing through your videos one after the other! Thank you for all of them 🙂
    Absolutely love the idea of owning a copy of your cook book

  323. Hi Alex!
    I am really exited to see your cookbook, the french kitchen is by far with one of the revolutionary ones.
    I would love if you could also recognize the turkish kitchen. It’s really underrestimated and it breaks my heart. We should not keep it a secret and begin to spread it around, so that other cultures can appreciate it like I do!

    Much love from germany from someone with a turkish heart,
    Başarılar dilerim!

  324. Just reading replies is a hoot (and testament to your growing popularity). Don’t you have nuf to-do, Alex? Personally, never read a cookbook; think I’m gonna make something after purchase, but never happens.… but…if you insist: Format a la “Nourishing Traditions”, spiral bind, emotive, like Sophie said, is the hook; pictures are getting themed / trite, will we be able to make notes and send the page to your FB? Etc
    -Aloha fr O’ahu

  325. Ok we all love your channel for the obvious reasons; it’s funny, casual, and kind of like a vlog at the same time. It’s perfect.
    What I really appreciate is how MUCH I learn about cooking from the way you do things and explain them. Like, how to know if your oil is at the right temp without a thermometer, or even the salt on the separate ingredients before mixing them all together. The way you do everything is amazing and so talented! So, please include ALL your tips and don’t worry about there being too much text.
    I really can’t wait for the book tbh I love cooking and you’re the guy to learn from 😀

  326. Hi Alex, I would be first in line for your cookbook! I love your enthusiasm and your creative approach to cooking. I’m also down to be a recipe tester. I would prefer an ebook. but do what is best for you!

  327. I have noticed you don’t monetize your page, don’t waste your traffic, you can earn extra bucks
    every month because you’ve got hi quality content.

    If you want to know how to make extra $$$, search for:
    Mrdalekjd methods for $$$

  328. Hi Alex,

    I love the dynamic and fun nature of your videos – they’re so genuine and lovely to watch. I think this new project of yours is a wonderful idea. And while ebooks are great, there’s really nothing like a physical book is there?

  329. Hi, Alex!

    I’m very excited to cook with you (in a matter of speaking) via your cookbook. I love cooking! I love French cuisine! You make both even more fun. Thanks for your contributions to the world of cooking!

    P.S. I am a lover of books. I vote hard copy! 🙂

  330. Bonjour Alex!
    I think your idea is amazing and i would love to get your recipes in a detailed version so please do go on with the project!

  331. I love you, Alex, and I’m sure I will LOVE your cookbook and give it as a gift to my friends who cook better or worse than me.

    I hope you will include some links to some of your videos that describe in detail and show you making some of your favorite recipes.

    Next time you come to NY City, you won’t have to cook in your hotel room or eat your bagels alone in the park. You can autograph copies of your book and sell them to your many American fans. 😉

    Best of luck with your project.

  332. Yes, a cookbook (especially hard copy) is a great idea! I always look for the recipe in your YouTube video descriptions but end up writing the ingredients down as you mention them in the video. A cookbook would be very convenient and particularly awesomefrom a chef such as yourself.

  333. Of course I would be interested in your cookbook! Your recipes are so lovely and simple with great impact! I say go for it!

  334. Salut Alex,

    the cook book is a wonderful idea! It would be awesome to have the onion soup recipe in it! (and all of your other youtube recipes 😉 )
    I’m really looking forward to it – the sooner the better 😉

    lots of love


  335. A French Guy Cooking cookbook? That’s an amazing piece of news! Thanks so much for your effort. You’re really inspirational!

  336. Alex, it’s such a great idea! I’m really looking forward to buying your cookbook and trying all those different recepies! I think that a printed version with good quality paper and beautiful photos would be great 🙂 At the moment I’m living in Russia and it would be great if it was possible for me to order and ship/buy your book somewhere here! Keep doing what you’re doing! I honestly believe that your channel is simply the best youtube channel! Fun, interesting and inspiring 🙂 Lots of love from Russia!

  337. You are absolutely, bar none, the most entertaining food presenter on you tube or the tellie, AND the material is good also. I’ve been cooking French food since I first watched Julia Child lo these many years. I’ve also been pondering doing a food channel but with you out there, what’s the point! Get the damn book done!

  338. A book of yours would be amazing, specially because of your vegetarian/vegan twists – in my opinion. It’s so nice to see someone who is a chef and meat eater, but is able to be friendly with the ones who doesn’t, giving us options so that we can try your recipes as well… 🙂
    And I’m pretty sure that there won’t be “just” recipes, I mean, will be the share of an experience. Love from Brazil!

  339. Yes, after all these years, Do the Cookbook, already! In print or at least an e-book we can print ourselves. I just discovered your videos and love them but it is very tiresome to have to transcribe notes from them. Please include the spring roll recipes, spiralizer tricks, all of the good stuff.

  340. Wohoooo… cant wait for this secret project to be realized…
    I kinda prefer the hard copy… but I’m afraid it will be hard to get one of the copy… so maybe make 2 version of it… the hard copy and also the ebook version…
    But anyway… hope to hear great news from you especially about this awesome recipe book!!!^^
    Stay awesome alex! Will be waiting for more of your awesomely awesome, easy, creative and silly twisted yet delish cooking recipe…

    1. Yes Please I need in my life!!!! You have some crazy good recipes combined with acutal intelligence and I binge both of them.
      I love either recipes that are based on frequently used products like the Instant-Ramen or Narutomaki but homemade or more daring recipes with a whole new variety of tastes such as Daikon Bacon or Ramen-Pizza.
      I mostly take vegan/vegetarian/pescestarian recipes into my own (private) cookbook, so a few recipes on that side would be great or at least mention alternatives please.
      Like in broths where it is hard to impossible to actually get the same aroma.

  341. I would love to have a cookbook from you. You’re quite inspiring to me. 😛
    Also a vegetarian chapter or something along those lines would be awsome to see.
    I prefer hardcopy, it would look great in my shelf.
    Keep it up!

  342. Hey! A few tips:
    1. Small pictures along with explanations for some parts (for example your Bulgarian Banitsa. Recipes like that are hard to understand in writing when it somes to making shapes).

    2. As a vegetarian I love the fact that many of your videos have the “twists”. Perhaps you can, whenever possible, add twists to your recepies. That way you don’t have to have a veggie chapter and your book will appeal to both vegetarians and meatlovers at the same time!

    3. I have discovered your yt-channel today. I’m a retard in kitchen and most cooking books have too many ingredients that I have to buy for just that dish, which also usually takes a bunch of time to prepare. The recipes I’ve seen from you are like many other videos into one – you keep it easy, nicely explained and no fancy ingredients. I love the twists! Explaining omelette in 1 short video with spanish and other versions… It’s neat and fkn awesome!

    4. “What to do if” and “lazy” are great ideas. In fact, your entire mindmap looks brilliant!

    Please make this happen. As a lazy person that hates cooking (due to having no1 to show me even the simplest things in the kitchen) I became inspired by you today. So thank you for being a life-changer, and for that you’ll be remembered. I’m serious. Now I’m off to the kitchen (a place I’ve never been happy at before) to try make a few things from your yt-channel. Thank you, sir!

  343. 555 of them found their way here;
    555 of them bending your ear;
    555 want to read your cookbook;
    555 know the work that it took
    To test all the recipes
    And put your friends at risk
    Of gaining 10 kilos and breaking your bench.
    Now I here find myself number 556
    Quite proud i could read that one comment in French.

    (read it “five-fiftey-five)

  344. I’d totally buy your book Alex! Please make it happen! 🙂 You’re not only a chef, you’re an artist. What do artists do? They write books! So go for it 🙂

    All the best from Germany, the country of bread, sausages and beer (in that order). Cheers!

  345. I really hope you will finally get to have your own cookbook out (hardcopy please!!), I love your youtube videos, it is great to watch you mess around the kitchen and hear your irresistible accent. Besides, I think you are a genius, uncomplicated and ironic yet serious about cooking. Keep it that way! Ciao ciao, Serena

  346. Hi Alex, Keep it up man. I am from future, and I am telling you that this cookbook is going to be a superhit.

  347. Alex, I’m your biggest fan….. I’m vegetarian and all your regular recipes I make without meat….. I love your explanation and your ideas….. you’re awesome
    Please give us more vegetarian options, please , hugs and kisses

  348. Am I allowed to say no, don’t do this?
    I’m having a serious youtube crush on you right now, and I’d like you to make as many of those bad boys as you possibly can.

    I’m personally not interested in a cookbook. But if it is a business decision (diversifying income streams, generating an additional revenue stream from the same research). Go for it. but please don’t let your youtube output suffer too much from this….