if you did not, watch the pizza dough video first. Now :

So, you want to make a homemade pizza dough ? How brave (and foolish) of you it is to do so ! On top of that, you want to respect authentic neapolitan pizza dough proportions. Well, this ain’t gonna be easy but let me help you on this laudable quest, by making the calculations for you.

Instead of talking about dough and flour amount or whatsoever, let’s ask the real and only legitimate user-friendly question :
“How many pizzas, of which size, do YOU want ? “ Consider this problem solved : Use this handy calculator and sort this out now !

[insert_php] if($_POST[‘pizzanumber’]!=””){$B7 = $_POST[‘pizzanumber’];}else{$B7 = “1”;}
if($_POST[‘pizzasize’]!=””){$B8 = $_POST[‘pizzasize’];}else{$B8 = “250”;}
if($_POST[‘pizzawatercontent’]!=””){$B9 = $_POST[‘pizzawatercontent’];}else{$B9 = “57”;}
• I want pizza(s)
• Sizing grams ( 200 grams dough ball make a small pizza, 300 grams make a big one )
• Water content %
(goes from 50% to 70%, 57% being the default value. Watch the video to understand why it matters)



$flour = round(($B7*$B8)/(1+($B9/100)+0.03+0.002),1);
echo “• Flour : “.$flour.” g
$water = round(($flour*$B9)/100,1);
echo “• Water : “.$water.” g (or ml)
$salt = round(0.03*$flour,1);
echo “• Salt : “.$salt.” g
$yeast = round(0.002*$flour,1);
echo “• Fresh Yeast : “.$yeast.” g
I know this number seems always very low, but It just works. However this method takes time.”;

29 Comments on “Pizza Dough Proportions Automatic Calculator”

  1. Hello, i suppose the yeast quantity is for the dry one, if we go for the fresh one we have to double the needs, is that right ?

    1. No! He is making REAL Neapolitan pizza… you are only allowed to use the cake-style yeast. (In the video he told you to watch) He says use half the amount of the dry yeast, if you must.

  2. Are you sure about the yeast here? I get stuff like 0.4 and 0.5 *grams*, which can’t be right, it’s far, far too little. Most recipes recommend almost 10 times that!

    1. It’s all about the rising times. The longer you give the dough to rise, the less yeast you need. If you need your dough ready to go in the oven in one hour, some people use a cube up to 4% yeast. But if you give it time, like in his video, much less yeast is needed.

  3. Important! The success of making bread products depends on the correct weight measurement. Therefore using a scale is much more accurate than using cups and tea/tablespoons. 2nd a work counter slightly warmer than room temperature is also often giving better results. Success really depending on accuracy. Adjusting the water percentage is also important according the length of time it is needed in the oven. Traditional pizza oven 57% (ready in 4 to 6 minutes 360-400c),electric pizza oven with stones 60% (baking time 10 minutes, 250-300c), normal kitchen oven up to 70%(20 minutes, 200-220c ).

  4. For one or two pizzas, the yeast required comes out under a gram. For such weighing, there are small scales available which increment in 0.1 gram.

  5. Awesome dough. I tried this dough using a kitchen scale to measure. U.S. Standard will not work. If a cup is used, it is not the same amount. A cup of all purpose won’t weigh the same as bread flour. Or the flour may be more dense than others. Spend $30 on a scale. You won’t be disappointed. This dough is better and simpler than any other I have tried. The sauce he used in his video was simple and very tasty. Don’t bother with any other sauce with a list of 15 ingredients. Thanks French guy!

  6. Indeed, as some already suggested I would use half the amount of salt it stated and double the amount of yeast.
    Also a bit of (olive)oil should be used(optional) in the same weight as the salt.

  7. Thank you very much best dough I ever made in my life ,you the man thanks a lot ,to be honest you made my day and I can’t thank you enough ,perfect dough I made couple of them one for the family and one for friends and they said it’s the best pizza we ever tasted in along time ,thanks a lot again

  8. Oh my goodness! Impressive article dude! Many thanks, However I am experiencing problems with your RSS.
    I don’t know the reason why I can’t subscribe to it.
    Is there anyone else getting the same RSS problems? Anyone who
    knows the answer can you kindly respond? Thanx!!

  9. The calculator is not working.. Also the whole world except America uses g and ml. So convert it yourself, Americans.

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