“How many pizzas, of which size, do YOU want ? “ The Pizza Guy

If you did not, Watch the pizza dough video first. Now.

If you’re just looking for a solid recipe, then check out my super legit pizza dough recipe

Want to make a homemade pizza dough, huh ? How brave (and foolish) of you ! On top of that, you want to respect authentic Neapolitan Pizza dough proportions. Well, this ain’t gonna be easy but let me help you on this laudable quest, by making the calculations for you.

Instead of talking about dough and flour amount or whatsoever, let’s ask the real and only legitimate user-friendly question : “How many pizzas, of which size, do YOU want ? “ Consider this problem solved : Use this handy calculator and sort this out now !

PHP to JS Translation by Andrés Reyes Monge @armonge

You want :

You need :

•   g   Flour
•    g (or ml)  Water
•   g  Salt
•   g   Fresh Yeast

I know this last number sounds very low, but it just works. Try it.

174 Comments on “Pizza Dough Proportions, Automatic Calculator”

    1. Finally there is a youtuber who knows that baking and weight are the only way to go.

      If you go to wolfram alpha and type in 100 grams flower to US cup and you will find a standardised ratio.*
      But I’m so done with baking and with cups, if not it is only for the washing up. Just used a liquid and then need to scoop up flower? Wash the measure cup quickly dry hands and continue.

      Big bowl and scales what is not to love?

    2. The solution is easy as getting an account on eBay, selling the cups and with the money you got selling cups thou just buy a weighter :D.
      How could you measure 1gr of yeast in cups? That’s barely impossible…

    3. Ali, the cup is not a good measurement. The amount of flour in a cup will never, ever be the same (by weight, which is more important than volume), unless you are very lucky.

      Things the affect the “cup” measurement include how fine that flour has been ground. That will vary from within the same bag, never mind at what point in a batch grinding took place, the temperature, the pressure, how well the grain grew that year, what type of flour it is, what manufacturer, which mill, and much more. Then, the amount of flour in a cup will vary depending how long the bag of flour has stood unused. Has it become compacted, for instance?

      Due to “the cup” being so inaccurate, bakers, who are doing things for selling, or who wish to get proportions right, use weight (mass).

      1. Americans should use metric-and I do. Maybe it’s my proximity to Canada (it’s right there, at the north end of my metro area) or all my STEM major classes, but I’m a metric loyalist. I even set my devices and weather service cookies to only show Celsius. Last year, four decades into life, I started taking up woodworking and carpentry, and you CAN’T use metric here. All the tools, devices, even screws are incompatible or obscure about their metric measurement. Home Depot has a tiny selection of metric screws. You have to use imperial units. And it’s a nightmare. A nightmare! Why am I counting in 64ths, with my numerator and denominator changing as I go up one size? What idiocy! Makes design and planning miserable. Makes choosing which item to grab an ordeal. I swear, this is worse than pennies.

        So yes, I cook by weight and I use grams. What’s 1/6th of, say, 4 1/2 oz? Don’t know, won’t know, because I’m using grams with regular numbers.

        1. It’s not too much work to get used to both. They both exist why not acknowledged both and their strengths and weaknesses.

    1. I don’t understand why use cups or US measuring standards. Nowadays is not only obsolete is no longer use in culinary school. Metric system is a lot easy to use if you use a digital scale to weigh in grams is much simpler! I learned the US standard in school but now I learned the metric standard use by most countries and I don’t want to go back! Thank you!

  1. Hello, i suppose the yeast quantity is for the dry one, if we go for the fresh one we have to double the needs, is that right ?

    1. No! He is making REAL Neapolitan pizza… you are only allowed to use the cake-style yeast. (In the video he told you to watch) He says use half the amount of the dry yeast, if you must.

  2. Are you sure about the yeast here? I get stuff like 0.4 and 0.5 *grams*, which can’t be right, it’s far, far too little. Most recipes recommend almost 10 times that!

    1. It’s all about the rising times. The longer you give the dough to rise, the less yeast you need. If you need your dough ready to go in the oven in one hour, some people use a cube up to 4% yeast. But if you give it time, like in his video, much less yeast is needed.

    1. Yes! I used to use about 1/4tsp per pizza. Tried Alex’s salt quantities and couldn’t eat it. Too salty. Am I doing something wrong?

      1tsp = 5.69 grams ?

  3. Important! The success of making bread products depends on the correct weight measurement. Therefore using a scale is much more accurate than using cups and tea/tablespoons. 2nd a work counter slightly warmer than room temperature is also often giving better results. Success really depending on accuracy. Adjusting the water percentage is also important according the length of time it is needed in the oven. Traditional pizza oven 57% (ready in 4 to 6 minutes 360-400c),electric pizza oven with stones 60% (baking time 10 minutes, 250-300c), normal kitchen oven up to 70%(20 minutes, 200-220c ).

  4. For one or two pizzas, the yeast required comes out under a gram. For such weighing, there are small scales available which increment in 0.1 gram.

  5. Awesome dough. I tried this dough using a kitchen scale to measure. U.S. Standard will not work. If a cup is used, it is not the same amount. A cup of all purpose won’t weigh the same as bread flour. Or the flour may be more dense than others. Spend $30 on a scale. You won’t be disappointed. This dough is better and simpler than any other I have tried. The sauce he used in his video was simple and very tasty. Don’t bother with any other sauce with a list of 15 ingredients. Thanks French guy!

    1. I would suggest to introduce a fermentation time variable in this calcultator. Obviously more time, less yeast, but not sure if It would be linear or exponential. Guess we have to experiment a bit.

  6. Indeed, as some already suggested I would use half the amount of salt it stated and double the amount of yeast.
    Also a bit of (olive)oil should be used(optional) in the same weight as the salt.

  7. Thank you very much best dough I ever made in my life ,you the man thanks a lot ,to be honest you made my day and I can’t thank you enough ,perfect dough I made couple of them one for the family and one for friends and they said it’s the best pizza we ever tasted in along time ,thanks a lot again

  8. Oh my goodness! Impressive article dude! Many thanks, However I am experiencing problems with your RSS.
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  9. The calculator is not working.. Also the whole world except America uses g and ml. So convert it yourself, Americans.

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  18. Question: In case I would like to use sourdough starter instead of yeast, could you please tell me how much should I use?. Also, I normally use 2/3 flour tipo 00 and 1/3 of semolina flour which I believe it is a good combination

  19. Hi Alex,

    If I am using a sour dough starter instead of yeast, how much starter should I use?

    ( I know if itnot authentic before anyone starts! 🙂 )



  20. Hey French Guy! Just tried out your pizza dough recipe and it came out great! I’ve never done any kind of baking or dough making before whatsoever, so I’m all the more impressed that it worked! Cheers for your YouTube videos and this website! Stefan.

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  24. We Europeans haven’t used cups since the middle ages. We’re now in the 21st century – let’s keep it metric 😉 I use “00” Italian flour and dried yeast, which works well. I also use a pizza stone (available on Amazon) and make sure it’s been preheated for at least an hour at a 240° C
    The result is: a bloody awesome pizza

  25. Doing mathematical solution manually is good thing because the knowledge will be kept refreshing but sometimes when you are doubtful with your answer, it will be good if you can have some reference or guidance to make sure your solution is correct. So calculator would be handy in this case. Plus, if you are on doing it on a very short time, calculator would really help you save time.

  26. Who put a spell on me ! This recipe didn’t work for me.
    The pizza is not fluffy at all, too much salt in it…
    I will give another try with with twice the amount of yeast and a tad less salt.

  27. Your videos are awesome . Both informative and hilariously pleasant
    Full of sparkling life. Congratulations Frenchguy .
    Vive le France !

  28. For people who reduced salt intake this is too much salt. Definitely right amount of yeast. I had to add more water to get the right smoothness of the dough with my Canadian bread flower. Overall I love it

  29. I use this calculator with my pizza business and works all the time. Weighting in grams is very easy, cups will simply won’t do. Bought a used scale for five bucks and I never again used cups to measure out ingredients. In result accurate portion dough balls all the time. Thank you Alex happy holidays from America

  30. Thank you very much, this recipe works out very well. I made my dough with 65% moisture and I use them to make braided breadsticks that were extremely delicious. My twelve-year-old also helps with this easy recipe and it is working out very well and she is working on her 5th dough by herself. So much more precise when you using grams and they have the scales at Costco at a very reasonable price.

  31. Love this easy recipe, and Alex’s enthusiasm for delicious food in life. Thanks to his great pizza and bread videos I learned how to shape a pizza and make a sourdough bread, boil the most wholesome eggs and enjoy homemade ramen—among many other things. So very happy! One question though, after dividing and shaping the dough into balls, can I put them in a fridge for a day or two? Thank you)

  32. Update on refrigerating pizza dough: at 70% hydration, it was perfect after three days fermentation, still good and tasty after five days, and a bit tangy after seven days. So, to me, 3-5 days is safe and enough time to deepen the flavour without sacrificing the quality.

  33. Grams is much more accurate. All bakers use it. We are even starting to use grams in America for all things ‘baking’’. Just get some scales!! Easy

  34. my own recipe of 500g flour 320g water 11g salt 7grams instant yeast is close this gives B/Ratio of 64% water makes it easy to handle yet wet enough for an electric oven.

  35. 11 oz flour
    7 3,369/25,000 fl oz water
    13,263/40,000 oz salt
    52,911/2,500,000 oz yeast.

    That is just not a handy way to express things. 😀

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  37. Still use this calculator regularly. Thank you SO MUCH Alex, this has completely changed my pizza making game.

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  41. I don’t have any problem with standard empirical system, but thanks for the effort or lack of it…Alex…love your stuff

    1. if you what his video (witch he said to do) he said that if you need to use dry yeast use half of the amount of the fresh yeast that this web tell you to use.

  42. is it really important to use the decimals when making the pizza, becouse i have a kitchen scale but it doesnt have decimal points so do i just gestimate to the clossest number?

  43. Maybe im to stupid but if i tell the Calc i want 2 Pizzas and hes telling me the perfect Mixture for 1 Doughball /Pizza, then the sense of the Calc is inly 50% working…. Why cant he just tell me the amounts of all the Ingredients and then i just spearate the dough into 2 Same weight Balls. Maybe i just dont see something there…..

  44. самое лучшее время, чтобы составить несколько планов
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    Я хочу читать еще больше информации об этом!

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  46. Обожаю вещи, которые вы, ребята, так профессионально делаете.
    Отличная работа и актуальные выдержки!
    Ваш блог невероятный Я забрал адрес страницы в закладки!

    Ребята, вы крутые, огромный респект!

  47. Can you add an calculation for – how much inch pizza to make, how much grams of dough to take.
    Like for 200 grams dough you can make 10″ pizza or so.

  48. Ok, one, can someone tell me the ratio of using dry yeast as opposed to fresh yeast pls.

    And two, America is a metric country, an agreement was signed about 130 years ago.

    But for some reason Americans convert..

  49. Обожаю вещи, которые вы, ребята, так грамотно делаете.
    Настоящая научная работа и актуальные отчетности!

    Ваш блог очень хороший Я занес адрес страницы в закладки!

    Ребята, вы настоящие профи, огромный респект!

  50. I really can’t thank you enough Alex, i used your recipe with 70% hydration and it turned out MARVELOUS.
    I made the buffalo mozzarella and the smoked olives oil and they took my pizza to a whole another level.
    BTW for the flour i used: 60% pizza flour 25% All purpose flour and 15% Whole wheat flour (got it from bon appetite test kitchen)

    Next step i will be using pizza steel instead of pizza stone

  51. Salut Alex!

    Merci, on s’est fait des super pizzas hier! Fermentation une nuit, poussée à t. ambiante 4h. Four au gaz boosté au butane.
    Des margueritas au top! Manque plus que la slap technique.

    A plus!

  52. Hi Alex,

    Thank you for your useful calculator, it’s giving us a lot of good pizzas. What about whole grain flour? Would you change something?

  53. What would be the amount to replace the yeast with, if I am using a sourdough starter? Would it be the same or a different weight & would the sourdough starter be fed or unfed? Thank you!

  54. My wife can’t get hold of fresh yeast, was wondering if dry yeasty would work just as well, according to Google, For dry active yeast you generally need to use half the quantity of fresh yeast stated in the recipe and for instant yeast you need to use 1/4 of the quantity of fresh yeast. So if the recipe has 30g (1 ounce) fresh yeast then you can use 15g (1/2 ounce) active dry yeast or 7g (1/4 ounce) instant yeast instead

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