Cheat’s French Croissant ! Risking my nationality on the Easiest Recipe available…

AlexVideosLeave a Comment Yes, That’s right. I lost my mind. I’ve decided to make fake french croissants. Not so fake. Not so real either.

But they are the fastest croissants you could ever make.

First you will need puff pastry. I use two stacked rolls of butter puff pastry to make it thicker ( 5mm or 1/5 inch ). And that’s it. No more fancy ingredients.

A round dough is indeed a nice shape for what’s coming next.

Then, cut the dough into Thin-Pizza-Slices shapes. Boom ! They go in the preheated oven at 220°C or 440°F for about 15 minutes (or till they go golden brown)…

Out of the oven. Eat them warm with sugar on top. We don’t do that in France but who cares 😉

It’s perfect for a different yet tasty and quick breakfast, don’t you think ?

Love you


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