Twisted American BBQ style Okonomiyaki Recipe

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As promised here is my twisted version of the traditional Okonomiyaki recipe: I went American and experimented with the bold and smoky flavours of the Southern barbecue. The batter is the same of the traditional Japanese pancake but for the dashi (or fish stock) that I suggest you to omit. It’s perfect to use any leftovers and this American BBQ style Okonomiyaki will … Read More

Japanese Okonomiyaki Recipe

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Today’s food request was submitted by Noriko, from Japan: she asked my take on the mighty Okonomiyaki which literally translates into “whatever you like, grilled”. This Japanese savoury pancake may contain a variety of ingredients from fish, to meat to veggies so much so that it is also known as the Japanese Pizza. Being so versatile I couldn’t resist: starting from a very … Read More

Karelian Pasties Recipe: Classic and Twisted version of Karjalanpiirakka

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Don’t you just love the world? It’s overflowing with amazing recipes from every corner. Take Finland for example: its cuisine is very earthy, vibrant, rich in wild flavours… definitely one I want to experience furthermore. My friend Aleksi requested a very traditional sweet recipe: the Karelian Pasties. These sweets are rice puddings encased in a rye crust shell. They are … Read More

Perfectly Cooked Steak Method: sous-vide technique and blow torch hack

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Today’s entry is a little bit different, something between a recipe and a scientific experiment: it’s my very personal method to cook the perfect steak and, please, believe me when I say perfect. It requires a couple of hours but it’s worth the waiting. Let’s start by saying that everyone has a preference for meat doneness or better, a preferred meat temperature, and … Read More

Homemade Persian Jam: carrots and spicy cardamom Recipe

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After learning all the tips and tricks (and rules) to preserve food properly, I felt confident about experimenting with jam, being something I’ve been wanting to make for a long time. Instead of relying on traditional flavours I decided to think out of the box big time and try a Persian inspired jam with budget-friendly ingredients: carrots, citrus, cardamom and … Read More

Venezuelan Arepa 2 Ways ! ( Corn Muffins Sandwiches )

AlexVideosLeave a Comment Delicious and Easy to make Corn Muffins stuffed with amazing ingredients, coming straight from Venezuela : AREPA ! One classic recipe, one twisted recipe. Beware because Arepas also called corn cakes are deeply addictive 🙂 My Instagram : Youtube subscribe : Facebook friends here : for mouth watering photos and good discussions 😉 Let’s discover new … Read More