How to make Easy Mayonnaise Sauce

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Video Recipe for Home Made Mayonnaise or Mayo ! Fun, fast, yummy and all the details are included in the description. Smooth and Tasty !

– Oil, ground oil or canola oil (just a simple one)
– 1 egg
– salt
– Vinegar ( I use red wine vinegar because I like it because it would make more sense to use white wine vinegar ! lol ! )
– Mustard

– Food processor
– A whisk
– Tea spoon
– Small bowl

– Separate the egg yolk from the egg white
– Put the yolk in the food processor
– Add one teaspoon of mustard
– Add a pinch of salt
– Add a drop of oil
– Start whisking
– Very Slowly add the rest of oil
– Add a drop of vinegar
– too firm ? add more vinegar
– too runny ? add more oil
– pinch of salt at the end could be nice
– texture : it should not fall off a spoon

Et voila ! Simple yet uber cool recipe to make this very classic sauce. It goes really well with many things … You’ll just have to try it. Shrimp and seafood are my favorites with it.

Hope you like it ! Green thumbs if you do, feel free to comment and to subscribe I would be glad to have you around 😉


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