How to make Easy Mayonnaise Sauce

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Video Recipe for Home Made Mayonnaise or Mayo ! Fun, fast, yummy and all the details are included in the description. Smooth and Tasty !

– Oil, ground oil or canola oil (just a simple one)
– 1 egg
– salt
– Vinegar ( I use red wine vinegar because I like it because it would make more sense to use white wine vinegar ! lol ! )
– Mustard

– Food processor
– A whisk
– Tea spoon
– Small bowl

– Separate the egg yolk from the egg white
– Put the yolk in the food processor
– Add one teaspoon of mustard
– Add a pinch of salt
– Add a drop of oil
– Start whisking
– Very Slowly add the rest of oil
– Add a drop of vinegar
– too firm ? add more vinegar
– too runny ? add more oil
– pinch of salt at the end could be nice
– texture : it should not fall off a spoon

Et voila ! Simple yet uber cool recipe to make this very classic sauce. It goes really well with many things … You’ll just have to try it. Shrimp and seafood are my favorites with it.

Hope you like it ! Green thumbs if you do, feel free to comment and to subscribe I would be glad to have you around 😉


3 Comments on “How to make Easy Mayonnaise Sauce”

  1. Hi Alex,

    Where can I buy the food processor whisk attachment in the video? I have a Cuisinart brand food processor and have looked up and down the internet to find something like that.

    It seems that every kitchen tool I have leaves too much space between the bottom of the bowl and the mixing device, rendering them useless for mayonnaise. The whisk attachment in the video looks like it practically touches the bottom of the machine.

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