Sweet “Pain Perdu” aka French Toast !

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Video Recipe for French Toast made in France ! Fun, fast, delicious and all the details are included in the description. Mouthwatering !

Imagine that : Your kids just came back from what can be called a shitty day. But Mommy or Daddy (please dads cook ! ) can fix this up with a big shiny pile of delicious FRENCH TOAST ( Pain Perdu )… You will make their day and your evening too lol

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– 4 thick slices of stale bread ( hard and dry )
NB : That is why it is called in France “Pain Perdu” (translation : Lost Bread) , because otherwise, you would have to trash it.
– 1 egg
– 1/2 cup of Milk
– 2 TBSP of white sugar
– 2 TBSP of brown sugar ( for the caramelization)
– 1 small bag of vanilla sugar (actually I used half of it but what if you loooove vanilla ?)

– mixing bowl
– frying pan
– wire whip

– In the mixing bowl, add the milk and the white sugar, mix well
– Add the vanilla sugar, and one egg
– Whip it till smooth
– Really soak up the bread in this liquid
– The bread will absorb everything (normally)
– Frying pan over medium low
– 10 minutes lay in
– Turn them over a few times, till they go just under golden brown
– Sprinkle both sides with brown sugar to caramelize
– Let it cook 30 s – 1 minute, turning over the slices
– Done, time to eat !

Hope you like it ! If you do I am happy ( I am really simple am I not ? )

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