Making our own Cheese : Easiest how-to ever !

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Video recipe for fast cheese making. As many people probably don’t know, it is very easy to make your own cheese. All you need is milk and lemon. The rest is for the taste only.

– 1 liter full cream milk, fresh if possible
– 4 Table spoons lemon
– Chive
– Garlic powder
– Salt
– Pepper

– Piece of cotton fabric ( 30cm x 30cm )
– Pan
– Strainer
– Bowl
– Weight (bowl for example)

– Simmer the milk in the pan
– When hot, remove from the fire
– Pour the lemon juice in
– Stir softly and wait for 5 minutes
– Pour the cheese in the cotton fabric, in the strainer over the bowl
– Season very well with whatever you like, chive, garlic, pepper, salt (otherwise it will be bland)
– Remove the first water of the bowl
– Put back the strainer with the fabric and the cheese over the bowl
– Knot the fabric
– Put a weight on the fabric+cheese and let it drain overnight
– Enjoy your cheese with olive oil on top !

Thanks for watching this video, I hope you guys like it !

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