Favorite foodie spots in Paris, France – by Alex French Guy Cooking

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A few places I like in Paris. Find the addresses, Do your homework and earn the right to own them, you’ll just love em even more. Who knows, you might just stumble upon me in one of those 🙂


Le Bon Marché ( Grocery Store )
Located near Sevres Babylone Station, south west, 6th district. Posh yet magnifiscent supermarket to find gourmet products. I always go there to have a look, not so much to buy stuff.


Bistrot Paul Bert ( Restaurant )
Located in 11th district, on Paul Bert street. Typical Parisian Bistrot. Maybe 30 to 40 euros per person. It might be too much, but it really is one of my favorites.
Also near by is my second favorite : “L’Ebauchoir. “


Rue des rosiers ( Foodie street )
Old jewish district in the Marais. Perfect to grab a good falafel on the go. Just don t go on saturdays. 3 or 4th district.


Le Marché d Aligre ( Market )
My favorite market in Paris. Mainly vegetables, really really good deal. 
In the 11th district.


Le Marché des Batignoles ( Market )
Local farmers market, mostly organic produces. Trendy, yes, Good, too. Paris 17th.


Le Marché des Enfants Rouges ( Market )
Historical, hidden gem located in the very old center of Paris. Small but cosy, squeezed in between buildings, hard to find from the outside. Lots of places to eat inside the market itself. Super-Dupper-Great to experience la vie Parisienne.


Le Marché Saxe-Breteuil ( Market )
Best view ever with The Eiffel tower overlooking the whole situation.


La Boucherie Moderne ( Butchery )
A modern, friendly and caring approach to an old trade. Go there to get good meat ( Properly sourced, properly prepared, properly served ) They don’t make sandwiches, but you’ll find great charcuterie you can take ways.


Des Gateaux et du Pain ( Bakery )
Stunning Boulangerie located in the 15th district. Don’t be fooled by its jewelry appearance, it’s not that expensive. Probably the 2nd best croissant in town.


Blé sucré  ( Bakery )
Amazing boulangerie with unbelievable pastries and croissants. 11th district again.


Le pain des Amis  ( Bakery )
Wonderful boulangerie in the 10th district. Many breads and all, everything is home made and spot on. Find it near the Saint Martin Canal.


Chez Prosper ( Restaurant )
Typical “bistrot”, very busy, but cheaper than paul bert bistrot.

Good to feel the atmosphere
Metro station : Nation


Rue des Martyrs ( Foodie street )
9th district. A beautiful foodie street.

Many shops ( prepare to be hungry )


L’Ebauchoir ( Restaurant )
Cosy restaurant which has become my favorite over the years. Fresh & short updated menu.


Rue Saint-Anne( Foodie street )
Japanese street in Paris : the authentic and the tourist live side by side.





22 Comments on “Favorite foodie spots in Paris, France – by Alex French Guy Cooking”

  1. Hallo Freund 😉 Merci beaucoup pour l’inspiration. I’ll definately check them out as soon as i can make a trip to Paris.

  2. Le pain des amis is sold at “Du Pain et des idées” ;-). So good place. Everything is so good There

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  4. I miss Paris, now. Can’t wait to go back in March! Thanks for the great tips on places to go. I definitely want to cook while I am there this time. Best Regards. Au revoir!

  5. hey ty! it’s looks great! help me alot in planing my trip. can you do an update on all this places and new ones?
    love your show!

    1. Wanna second this one! I’m headed over there at the end of this month and the most exciting thing I can think of is all the food! Any new spots?

  6. Thank you for the list! Could you tell us if all these places are still your favourites? As a matcha freak, I am going to explore this side of Paris. I am looking forward to your shopping bag! Best wishes 🙂

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