How to make Gratin Dauphinois (French Potato Gratin) Fast & Fun

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Video Recipe for a rich, delicious and tasty Gratin Dauphinois aka Potato au Gratin ! Fun, clear, delicious and all the details are included. “Bon appétit” !

The recipe is simple but the render is stunning. It goes perfectly with roasted Meat.
(traditional way of serving it in France)

– About ten potatoes
– 3 cups double cream
– nutmeg
– clove of garlic
– salt
– pepper

– Oven proof dish
– Pan
– slicer, mandolin (not required)

– Slice the potatoes into thin stripes ( 3 to 4 mm thick)
– Season them with salt and pepper
– put 3 cups of double cream and a clove of garlic without the skin in a pan
– Get the double cream to a boil
– Lower the heat
– Season with salt pepper and grated nutmeg
– In the oven proof dish, one layer of cream then one layer of potatoes and so on
– In the oven at 180°C or 360°F for 40 to 45 min
– Out of the oven, spread the grated cheese on top then back in the oven grill mode
– 10 minutes or so
– Et voila : perfect Gratin Dauphinois !

Hope you enjoy this comforting dish i make for my family.

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