Cheat’s Tarte Tatin in a Ricecooker ! Wait… What ?

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Video recipe of a cheat’s on French Tarte Tatin. It’s more like a Cake Tatin actually but who cares. I loved it and I am sure you will.Just be careful when unmolding as sugar might comes very hot. (I mean very very very hot)



According to the french tradition, the tart tatin is made with puff pastry.

Plus, with the rice cooker thing, steam would make the puff pastry go soft and spongy.

Instead we’ll ll do a very simple cake batter.


In a bowl go :

– 5 TBSP of flour

– 5 TBSP brown sugar

– 1 heaped tsp baking powder

– a pinch of cinammon

– 1 TBSP oil

– 1 Egg

– 2 or 3 TBSP milk

Mix it well. Done.




I am using one of my favorite variety of apple :

named “Reine des reinettes” in french and “king of the pippins” in english.

Now for the quinces.

These are amazing fruits. Disgusting when raw, but outstanding when cooked.

They take a beautiful “sunset” color, and the taste is specTAcular. So fragrant and sweet.

I use 1 quince and 2 small apples.

Cut the fruits into big chuncks. Remove the seeds and the cores.

Warning the core of the quinces is very hard and does not change after cooking, so be sure to remove it all !




Fill one third of a Microwave safe cup, with salted butter.

Cover it with brown sugar.

till you reach two thirds of the cup.

Microwave for 30s.

Mix it up : It should look sirupy.



Grease the bottom and the sides of the rice cooker with butter.

You can even add a light coating of oil.

Don’t be shy on this step because you really want it to unmold afterwards

Spread the caramel stuff on the the bottom.

Place the chunks of fruits. Make it tight.

Cover it up with the cake batter.


Before we start, I must warn you that there might exist a tiny risk of screwing up your rice cooker.

Mine cost under 20 bucks and For the record, it’s still working like a charm .

That prayer said, let’s burn it up,

Figuratively speaking of course.


Start the rice cooker. The global cooking time with mine was under an hour.

If it stops before it, then start it again. Don’t block it.

After about half an hour, you can start to test the doneness of your cake

Use a knife or a skewer and stick it in the center.

The apples do not offer any resistance ? Good now remove it :

If it comes up clean, with no batter on it. Then The cake is properly baked.

If not, let it cook a bit more.


Now comes a tricky part. Unmolding the tarte tatin could be quite annoying if not handled properly.

For example You can :

A : burn yourself pretty bad with the caramel

B : End up with a scrumptious yet totally shapeless hell of a mess

But don’t be scared, I got tips for you :


Let the bowl of the rice cooker cool down, till you can safely touch it with bare hands.

Then place it on high heat for 1 minute. This will loose the caramel on the bottom.

Using gloves : Place a stand or a plate in the bowl and flip it over.

Gently lower the hand holding the plate. You should feel the weight of the cake.

If not, back on high heat and do it again.


voila :  A gorgeous and smart Tatin cake.

You won’t be able to resist this sweet and caramelized cake !

I eat it warm with a dollup of creme fraiche.


10 Comments on “Cheat’s Tarte Tatin in a Ricecooker ! Wait… What ?”

  1. Really original/easy idea… Can’t WAIT to try, but my rice cooker is maybe 2/3-1/2 the size of the one you are using. If I just put it all in a cake pan, how long should I bake it for..?

    1. It’s tricky to answer. Shorter for sure (haha). Try maybe 30min. You can test the doneness of your cake while it’s cooking with the tip of a knife. cheers

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