How to make a delicious Omelette / Omelet ( fast and fun recipe )

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Video Recipe for a light, moist and buttery Omelette ! Fun, clear, delicious and all the details are included. “Bon appétit” !

Ingredients :
– 3 eggs for one person
– Butter ( 1 big teaspoon )
– Olive Oil ( a drip )
– Salt, Pepper
– Nutmeg

How to do it
– Eggs in a bowl and stir them
– Season wel with salt, pepper, nutmeg
– Hot pan ( medium to high heat )
– Butter in the pan, Olive Oil also
– Pour the eggs and gently bring back the edges to the center
– Shake to cook the lasting liquid
– Roll the Omelette onto itself
– Flip it in a plate
– Sprinkle with herbs

Enjoy this Omelet 😉

I love food ! I love cooking and I mostly cook for my girlfriend, for my family and for my friend. This is all about love !

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