Smoked and Glazed Western YAKITORI ! Scrumptious as it can be…

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Delicious Chicken Meatballs Skewers + Homemade Smoky BBQ Smoke Oil ! Hope you will like it 😉 FULL RECIPE DOWN BELOW :

– White wine, for this recipe i prefer a dry one
– Soy sauce
– Brown suger
– Corn or Potato starch
– 2 legs of chicken or the equivalent in ground chicken meat (2 handfuls)
– Mushrooms
– Scallions
– Bacon bits (Lardons)
– Garlic clove
– Egg
– Flour
– Chicken or veggies stock cube

Ingredients are added in Equal proportions.
1 cup White wine
1 cup Soy sauce
1 cup Brown sugar
All the ingredients go in a sauce pan over medium heat.
Ten minutes boiling until the wine smell disappears.
Mix 1TBSP of starch in half a cup of water.
Add it to the sauce let it reach the boiling point.
This will help getting that shiny syrupy finish.

Get yourself a plastic bottle and drill a small hole on the lower side.
Cover it with Tape.
Fill the bottle with water.
Cover the bottleneck with aluminium foil.
Place your thumb in the center and press it down a little.
Strongly squeeze the foil around the bottleneck.
Gently prick it about 5 times
Place very fine oak wood chips in the hollow.
Uncover the hole letting the water flow, and light up the wood chips at the same time
It will suck out the air from the bottleneck, and fill the bottle with pure oak smoke !
At the end, slowly empty the remaining water.
Add a drizzle of neutral oil, recap and shake vigorously.
There you have it : The Home made, smoky, barbecue oil.

In a food processor,
add a handful of bacon bits.
a handful scallions
a handful mushrooms
one egg.
Soak a slice of bread in milk and add it also.
one garlic clove.
you can also add breadcrumbs.
A pinch of pepper, a good pinch of salt
Take 2 legs of chicken.
Remove the skin and the bones.
Roughly cut it into small pieces and add this to the food processor.
Using a table spoon and a floured board, form the meatballs by rolling them gently.
Wet and clean hands mights help.
Boil them first in stock.
They will sink but as soon as they are floating back, there good to go.
Put a frying pan over medium heat, add some of our home made smoking bbq oil.
Drop the meatballs and move the pan around so they absorb these mighty flavors.
Now a good splash of the sauce.
We re just looking for caramelization here so Don’t stop tossing.
Pour the remaining sauce in a tall glass, Thread the meatballs on bamboo sticks.
Completely dip each skewer in.
There you have it.

I really hope you will like it !

Lots of love !

Alexis Gabriel 😉

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