French “Galettes de Sarrasin” aka Buckwheat Pancakes Recipe !

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Video recipe for a fun and fast home made Galettes de Sarrasin ! Buckwheat Pancakes or Crepes. Coming from western France, they are delish !

Ingredients :
250g Buckwheat Flour
2 TBSP wheat flour
1 egg
500 ml water

Flat frying pan
Mixing bowl
Food processor with whisk attachment

Instructions :
– In a bowl goes the buckwheat flour and the egg yolk
– Add the water to it
– In the food processor, beaten the egg white to stiff
– add 2 tbsp wheat flour, mix again
– Add salt (big pinch)
– Mix the beaten white eggs in the mixing bowl with all ingredients.
– Get a smooth silky finish
– Let rest for 1 hour
– …
– Hot pan, grease it nicely between all Galettes
– Pour a bit of liquid, enough to cover the bottom
– move around
– As the bottom isn’t sticking any more, flip the Galette over
– Cook for a few minutes, till colored on both sides
– Set aside
– For a classic french filling : 1 egg, some grated cheese and ham
– Folds the edges of the Galette to the center
– Serve hot with fresh herbs

I hope you enjoy this recipe of Galettes de Sarrasin coming from Bretagne in France (west)

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