Cooking Experiment : With what should I brush my rolls before baking them ?

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With what should you brush a bun / roll before baking it ? This video will unveil the truth once and for all !

We never know ! One recipe says something, another recipe says something else ! So I wanted to understand it by myself.

I made this experiment : I prepared 12 famous brushing and I applied them to (fluffy) dinner rolls. In the experiment, you have the ability to observe the results by yourself !

The liquids I have chosen were found in recipes, books and over the internet.
– Egg white
– Egg yolk
– Beaten egg
– Water Egg Wash ( egg + 2Tbsp water )
– Milk Egg Wash ( egg + 2Tbsp milk )
– Melted butter
– Buttermilk
– Milk
– Oil
– Baking Soda Water ( 1tsp baking soda and 3 tsp water )
– Water
– None ( essential to point out differences )

The results are quite interesting ! Here’s my conclusion ( in my opinion only )
– For sweet buns : I would choose “Egg wash with milk”
– For salty buns : I would choose “Milk” or “Baking soda water”

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