How to make French Crepes, with the mighty “Rule of Three” !

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Video recipe, fast and fun way to make homemade delicious “Crepes” !
aka “Crêpes”… 

We use the mighty rule of 3 in this recipe !

300 g of wheat flour
3 eggs
3 teaspoons of oil

– Bowl
– Whisk
– Teaspoon
– Frying pan ( A Crepe One if you have one ! )
– Kitchen paper

Flour goes in the bowl
Make a well and break in 3 eggs
3 drops of beers ( three big drops )
Add the oil
Add a pinch of salt
Mix, Stir, Whisk
Gradually add the Milk
You should get a smooth (quite runny) finish
Let it rest for 30 minutes
Put the pan over high heat
Pour in some liquid to fully cover the bottom but not much more
When the crepe start to move in the pan
Check if it has a bit of color
Then Flip it over !
You can make at least 10 crepes with this recipe

I usually eat those with homemade hazelnuts spread ! Yummy delicious french Crepes !

Hope you guys like it !
See you around

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