Bubble & Squeak Wrap with Hangover Hot Sauce | Life Saving Leftovers

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1 Cup or 2 cups rougly chopped red chilis (680g)

6 garlic cloves 4 TBSP BROWN SUGAR (usually light brown but…)

1 TBSP kosher salt (flaky salt) 1/2 cup red wine vinegar. But any vinegar will make it.

Throw everything in a blender,

pour it through a sieve, bottle it and BOOM A Fresh, Powerful, Hot and Spicy sauce.



Let’s get down to business : The burger patties. For the base you can add any leftovers, as long as the mix contains about 50% potatoes. They will act as glue holding stuff together. I ‘ve got brussels sprouts, Cabbage, a few leeks and some potatoes. Mash this in a bowl. I ‘ve also got some turkey’s leftovers. Shred them, and Fry them a few minutes to make them crispy, then drop them in. Season with salt , pepper and a good pinch of five spices. Now, form patties about 2 cm thick, and wide like… let’s say…the palm of your hand.

Frying pan over medium heat. And cook them until they’re golden brown on both sides. Now , Fry an egg in the same pan, with a bit of oil. if you want it round, you can use some folded foil. Season it with salt and pepper.


Wrap the patty with the egg on top in a big lettuce leaf, Add a good splash of our hot sauce And “finish him” with a sprinkle of your favorite herbs. I am going with Mint, but think of Parsley, Coriander or Chive Oh and you could do a lot worse than a squeeze of lime. This is the Bubble and Squeak Wrap with its Hangover Hot Sauce.

ALELUIA ! It’s fresh and delicious at the same time 😉

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