Beef Bourguignon Burger recipe

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As I might have mentioned I WON AN AWARD last November! The Fondation Nestlé required an original video recipe on how to cook a French staple and there are few things as iconic as the Beuf Bourguignon. But I simply couldn’t abide tradition, I had to twist it big time so I turned it into…

French Steak Tartare Recipe

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Today I feel like showing you my take on another beloved classic: the French Steak Tartare. This dish doesn’t require cooking, just a bit of fine chopping. The only compulsory step is for you to shop for the freshest ingredients since all you are going to eat is raw: that’s why I urge you to buy higher welfare meat (fresh and not … Read More

Perfectly Cooked Steak Method: sous-vide technique and blow torch hack

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Today’s entry is a little bit different, something between a recipe and a scientific experiment: it’s my very personal method to cook the perfect steak and, please, believe me when I say perfect. It requires a couple of hours but it’s worth the waiting. Let’s start by saying that everyone has a preference for meat doneness or better, a preferred meat temperature, and … Read More