We need you.
You might be the one.

Food Journalism Internship Offer

Role :
• Write food related news and reviews.
• Normalize existing content & recipes.
• Help working on new recipes & new food related ideas.
• Conduct Food related researches, studies online and offline

Requirements :
Ideally I’m looking for someone with the following attributes, though I’m also open to other people who can persuade me of their suitability:
• Currently lives in Paris and will be based in Paris for at least the next 3 months.
• Has a deep interest in food and a good knowledge and understanding of cooking. Ideally you live and breathe food.
• An excellent writer and communicator, preferably with food blogging experience, keen to write and able to demonstrate their skills.
• Strong organizing and archiving skills are mandatory.
• Native or fully fluent, perfect written and spoken English.

Offer :
This is a great opportunity to become part of YouTube Food Creators. You’ll learn about food scene, cooking skills, pr & media and internet marketing. This is full time role and is initially unpaid. But, for the right person there will be potential for a real evolution.

If you think you can fit, please get in touch and let me know more about yourself. I look forward to hearing from you.

A bit more about « French Guy Cooking »
40K+ subscribers YouTube cooking channel, 1 000 000+ views on YouTube.
The only channel in France being part of Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube Network.
One of the biggest cooking channels in France.

A bit more about « Alex »
Passionate home cook, Alexis Gabriel is a self-taught, Paris based, food fanatic.
His love for cooking can be traced back to his grandparents who both worked as chefs and to childhood holidays he claims “opened my eyes to the diversity of things you can eat”. A self confessed food geek, Alexis isn’t afraid to try new things in the kitchen and discover the science behind his creations.
Last year he made the top five in the ‘Search for a Jamie Oliver Food Tube Star’ and he is now a fully fledged member of the family sharing recipes and tips with his growing number of subscribers.

8 Comments on “We need you !”

  1. I live in Paris, I’ll love to help with this opportunity. Is my dream to be part of this since I move to Paris to study the art of cooking! Please let me be the one to be part of this!!!!

  2. Attends, je vais sur Diagon Alley acheter un retourneur de temps et je t’envoie ma candidature quand je l’ai autour du cou ;p TOO BAD!! Bonne chance 🙂

  3. Ok, I just wanna write to you. I’m not currently living in Paris, and probably I won’t ever. I’m from Colombia, I’m an computer science engineer, I love food and cooking, and I want to start my own cooking business this year. I’ve been following your youtube channel from its very first, and I love it! Here in Colombia there’s a huge new wave on cooking businesses, very artisan, very hand-made-like. The thing is I prommissed to you to give you a Colombian cookbook, and I’ve found it and I wanna sent it to you. Could you please give me a contact info to send it to you. I know this your job request, sorry for trolling it. Have a nice 2016!

  4. Hi, We are looking for 90 second cooking videos and wondering whether you might be interested in either creating new content or even if you own your own content, to license the use of some of you 90 second content for a brand new website called nomnomvideos.com ? The site is being curated by one of the main people who was responsible for the Microsoft Food and Drink App and an award winning designer/producer who has done work with Andrew Zimmern, Cat Cora, Rachel Ray and many more. We are looking for up to 30+ videos on a one time basis for this month which could include previously used videos if you own all the rights to them. Moving forward they are looking for up to 10 per month starting in April.

    Of coures there is remuneration based on whether they are original or previously used but in your license.

    Love your videos..

  5. Still at the cheer competition in charm city. Gonna be a long day.Say what u want about the &#s2t0;8por2” but I’ve never seen as many kids on crutches as I have today, day 2 of the event. Lotsa knee and ankle injuries, and at least one leg fracture. And I haven’t seen this many knee braces in use except in D1 football.

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