Want to hire me to speak / cook at your next event ? Just get in touch ! Talk, Panel, Cooking session, Brand Conference, Festival, Party, Public, Private… Here are some events I’ve been to :

  • YouTube / We Are The Creators

    Lisbon, Portugal. Told brands about my “roller-coaster” journey.

  • Brand : Mondelez

    Paris, France. Cooked and spoke at the same time. Pretty dope huh ?

  • Brand : NestlĂ©

    Berlin, Germany. Participated to a panel, telling my story and how I interact with my community.

  • YouTube / Food Morning

    Paris, France. Created a funky recipe, then cooked it for the audience.

  • The Big Feastival

    Oxford, UK. Made good food on stage.

  • Google / European Parliament

    Brussels, Belgium. Created an appropriate recipe for the occasion.

  • YouTube / Songwriting Camp

    Paris, France. Created different appetizers. Had much fun.

  • Brand : Chanel

    Paris, France. Interviewed about my social engagement and actions.

  • Brand : NestlĂ© Foundation

    Paris, France. Attended a panel, told people about modern French food.

  • On Black Heath

    London, UK. Made good food on stage, and created recipes for a supper club.